Guest Appearances

I guess I shouldn't really be blowing my own trumpet but you know what, I just can't help get excited when I see something I made in a magazine.  I don't think that can get old, do you?

And if I need another excuse to share it with you then, it's also because I can now show you a couple of the patterns I've been working on behind the scenes lately and it's always nice to be able to let the cat out of the bag too.

First of all, I treated myself to a Simply Crochet the other day, it's been a while since I've enjoyed the pleasure of a cup of tea and a browse through some crafty pages that aren't digital.  I'd completely forgotten that I'd agreed to have a picture of my Blossoming Bag in the 'Fab Finds' section, so it was a very nice surprise to re-discover and remember it this way.  I'm so grateful that this pattern has proved interesting to other people as well as myself.  To think I nearly didn't want to finish it at one point!

Then, a day or two later, a copy of the new-ish magazine #Crochet popped through my door.

I was really excited about this one too, because it's got no less than 3 of my patterns in it and, if you need more, it even has a little interview piece about me too.  'The Sandra Paul Edition' as hubs called it!  How exciting is that?  Of course, it has got lots of other fabulous stuff in it, not remotely related to me, so don't worry it you fancy getting a copy there's plenty of other pretty and interesting things to choose from.

But it does have my cute little jewellery set in, as sported a very pretty lady in some gorgeous shots.  (Another reason I get so excited by these magazine releases, so I can see how it's all been styled.  Always beautifully.)  And also my little jewellery bowls for holding the said trinkets.  All crocheted, of course.  It's one of the things I enjoy about magazine work, thinking about and making things that are a little bit different.

Finally, the pattern I was most concerned about but actually the most pleased with, is my little bluebird design.  It's just the cutest thing.  I sort of had an idea of the look I wanted when I heard the brief but was quite frankly a little worried if I'd be able to achieve it.  Happily though the sun was shining on me that day because I got it almost exactly right straight away.    I think he's actually based on a swallow type shape and I do love him very much.

These are made with Rico Essential Cotton in three different sizes but I'm quite tempted to try them in some crochet cotton.  I wonder how tiny they would be?

The Jewellery set, Jewellery Bowls and Bluebird patterns are available in Issue 4 of #Crochet Magazine.

S x




Wonderful! Congratulations. I still haven't bought #crochet- I definitely will now!
That's awesome! Congratulations!
You have been very busy producing these varied pieces of work. knowing what you want to end up with is very different from achieving it! That's why most of us are not designers. Well done for the beautiful work and having it recognised in the magazines. You must feel really happy about it. I would for sure.
Congratulations and we'll deserved! I must try that new mag too!
Congrats!! So exciting!
Awesome to see all your contributions to these magazines. Congratulations. You may be proud recieving this with your work and patterns.

Have a nice day, Margaret
Sandra, that's wonderful, I'm so thrilled for you. All of your hard work has paid off. I shall look out in particular for the piece about you. CJ xx
How very exciting for you and thank you for sharing. You are definitely not blowing your own trumpet. I'm so happy for your success and look forward to hearing more about your creative crochet endeavours.
Anne xx
Congratulations, love. You deserve to shout it from the roof tops! Most ppl don't realize that designing with yarn requires math and trial and error. I love that sweet, little ring. I like how your jewelry was styled. The bluebirds are cute and would be a cute garland in a little girls room.
You should be proud! Congrats to you. Be happy every time, you work hard, your work is gorgeous, and you deserve it. Thanks for sharing.
A trip to the newsagent is in order I think - the little bowls are lovely and I fancy a bluebird for my jacket. Glad your talent is so widely recognised x
Oh congratulations on having your fab designs published! I really like the summery colours you used and they look great. I love the little bluebirds, how adorable! It's so nice to hear about what you've been working on too :-) love Jo xxx
well-deserved!!! congrats and blow that horn!!
i had not heard of that mag before. i gotta check it out!
you toot your horn! Well deserved! I bet it never does get tired and everything looks so beautiful and gorgeously laid out :) jenny xx
Blow that trumpet - you deserve it! It's very exciting indeed, and we can all bask in your reflected glory. :) Those bluebirds are just perfect. Congratulations!
Gosh, you should be excited! The jewellery patterns look brilliant...
What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.
Seriously well done. You are flying lately :D
Wow! Congratulations!! And no, I don't think having a design in a magazine would ever get old- for anyone!!! I hope to make your bag later this year (its on my long list) and the swallow is stunning. Well done you! Hope you've had a great weekend, J9 x
How would I find the pattern for the blue birds xxx
I can't seem to buy Issue 4 of #Crochet Magazine, not even on line. Only seems to be issue 1 available ;(7
That's amazing!! Nice one. Shout it from the rooftops, you deserve the recognition after all your talent and hard work. xx