Strawberry Scissor Keeper

It's the little things that get to us isn't it?

Like this little thing above.  That's been getting to you all, that's for sure.

It started with this picture.  A collection of bits and bobs intended as prize for the Blanket Along we were doing at the time.  Then, there was this picture on Instagram.  What stood out in those pictures was that little teeny tiny strawberry it seems.

I'd whipped it up as a little extra something to go in the winner's parcel.  Then I made one for me too, because I had a new pair of scissors that were lacking that certain something.

Well, what do you know?  It seems that many of you are quite partial to the idea of a little strawberry something for your scissors too.  I don't blame you, it's very handy.  I always like to have things dangling off my scissors, they seem much easier to find that way.  They lay over the arm of the sofa or edge of a basket nicely and this one has the added benefit of being somewhere to keep a yarn needle or two to hand.

In fact, with all the end weaving you find yourself doing in crochet I'm beginning to look on these things as an essential bit of kit.  So much easier than trying to find where I happened to leave my pin cushion last time as the scissors are always with my hook and yarn.

What do you reckon?  Have I convinced you that you need one too?

The pattern links are all coming up for you but, what's even better is that I've come up with a cunning plan so that you can get the pattern for free.  Pretty good eh?

: :

S T R A W B E R R Y   S C I S S O R   K E E P E R




Get this pattern for FREE with any other Cherry Heart pattern purchase until the end of April

(Just add the Strawberry Scissor Keeper and the pattern you want to buy into your cart and wonderful Ravelry will do the rest.)


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Hold on a moment though...

Lattice Bud Shawl

If you were one of the kind people interested in this shawl, the pattern is coming out on Monday so you might want to wait so that you can get your free strawberry then!

One More thing...

Don't forget that  the business card giveaway from myprint247 closes today at 22:00 (UK time).
Get in there quick!

S x




  1. Funny how ideas are in the air at a certain time, I just made a load of little strawberries from vintage velvet... I guess we are both wishing on summer ;o)

  2. Such a sweet offer. I love the little strawberry blossom and the little seed beads. So adorable. This quick little project will make finding my scissors so much easier. Thanks - and now I have an excuse to purchase the blossom bag I've had my eye on for a while. Cheeers

  3. The strawberry is a great idea. I have spent ages looking for a lacy shawl pattern that I like this morning and you have a lovely one here. May have to wait until Monday!

  4. Oh this is lovely. The tag has come off the zip on my sewing bag and this would be the perfect replacement :)

  5. Where did you get those lovely scissors?

  6. I am so thrilled to find you have written the pattern for your little strawberry - strawberries
    are my favourite in everything!! Thank you so much for sharing x

  7. Oh lovely. I am so looking forward to the Shawl pattern. I have my yarn all ready to start. I shall make sure I finish some socks over the weekend so I am not delayed.
    Hugs x