Colour Collaborative: May


You can get the best sort of mornings in May.  Nice, sunny, promising ones and are fresh and bright.  Not that we've been enjoying much of that kind around here lately.

Whatever the weather though, my mornings are generally a matter of routine.  Things change in the holidays of course and there's a great deal of pleasure in that, but by and large I enjoy my days of samey sameness.

Once I have dragged myself and pulled the unwilling child out of our respective beds and we have made ourselves ready for the day, we trip downstairs.  Our house is one that is filled with light, especially in the mornings and any sun there is will burst through the windows as I go around opening curtains.

Next it's to the kitchen.  The window looks out over the garden and, if there is sun to be seen, I can catch it glinting in the dew on the grass.  It always looks greener and fresher with the dew laid on it.

The first downstairs job is food.  Packed lunch and breakfast.  Simple cereal for me mostly and maybe cereal for her, but she's partial to porridge too.  These are my favourite morning colours.  The brightness of the orange juice, the colourful spoon, the birds of the table cloth.  Again, all improved with a splash of sunshine.

We generally sit together and have a quiet moment while we eat, me with my phone, her with her ipad.  I wouldn't normally allow electronics during meals you understand, but this seems to have evolved and it's actually quite nice to have these few moments to catch up.  I show her any cute animal pictures I happen upon on IG, she updates me on her Sims progress.

Once that's all cleared away and the school bag is packed and ready to go, we head out of the door.  This is a fairly luminous business since my new running shoes came on the scene.  Sometimes I have my pink socks on too, they clash horribly.  Hopefully no-one is really looking.

Then we are off and at this time of year I always walk a little slower down the driveway as our cherry tree is out in blossom now and it's an absolute pleasure to see.  It looks at it's wonderful best against a clear blue sky.  I love the colours I see then.

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