Emergency Cushion

What, you might well ask, is an emergency cushion?

Good question.  It's the kind of cushion that you just have to make right now, after purchasing a brand new Ikea craft room chair.  That's what.

I've wanted to change the chair for a while, the one I had was an old dining room one and although it worked well in the dining environment, as a working seat, positioned at a desk, it didn't cope so well.  I tend to be a bit up and down as I sew and the chair would always be trying to tip backwards whenever I hopped up to grab a bit of ribbon or the ruler that was just out of reach.  A little awkward.

So a swivelling chair on casters seemed to be the way to solve my chair tipping troubles.  It is too.  Lots better for moving around and so on.  The only problem is, being a rather stark wooden affair, it doesn't offer a lot in the way of posterior comfort.  'Stark Wooden' as a look, I like.  I'm thinking it might fall victim to my vintage wallpaper and glue brush before very long.  But, the butt bruising hardness I can live without.  So, as you see, quite the emergency!

I knew straight away that I wanted to make a mini granny square cushion.  I've been seeing and coveting them lately and so I grabbed some stash in random colours and got cracking.  I was quite surprised how bright and colourful the selection I picked came out in this pattern.  It looked a little more subtle in the basket, but I just went with it.

It's mostly good ol' Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, one of my long time favourites with some Rico Baby Classic DK thrown in.  Some of the colours are discontinued ones I'm afraid, so it seemed like a good time to use what I had left.  Such a shame about that orange though.  That's a Rico Baby Classic one and it's one of the nicest, richest, vibrant rusty oranges I've ever come across.  I only just found it recently and it turns out it's being discontinued.  Typical!

Still, at least I am using it in something I will see most days, so I can enjoy it that way.  Of course, it will often be making itself useful and will therefore out of sight but I love having it in the mix all the same.

: :   E M E R G E N C Y   C U S H I O N   : :

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