Going Dutch

I've heard the expression as cute as a button, but how about as cute as a pin?

Pretty apt in this case, because not only is this pin cushion just about the cutest thing I've seen, it's even called Cutie Pin.  Appropriate don't you think?

The pattern is by a very clever friend in blogging, Maaike of Crejjtion.  I've admired her beautiful style and aesthetic for a long time and although I've been massively inspired by her I hadn't got around to actually trying out one of her patterns until just recently.

But how could I resist this?  I been excited about the pattern coming out ever since I saw a little teaser picture on Maaike's Instagram feed and so was pleased to get to make a little cutie pin of my own.

Actually I ended up making two.  The first one I made came out rather larger than I expected but that is entirely because I made it in the wrong size of yarn.  For some reason I had in my head, from before I ever saw the pattern, that I was going to make this in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  As usual, my primary thought was of the colours I would use above all else and so I didn't even think to check what yarn I should be using before I leapt straight in and got started.

Of course, there is good reason that they say 'look before you leap'.  I didn't look, I just leapt.  Oh well, it's still adorable but for extra cuteness I wanted something smaller that would fit on the palm of my hand, rather than be more suitable as a dolly pillow, so I made a second.

This time I used my stash of DMC Petra Cotton 5 and it turned out just as sweet as can be.
I'm so very pleased with it.  It's one of those that make you smile every time you see it.

I also have to say how very impressed I am with Maaike's pattern written skills.  Not only does she explain everything beautifully, she guides you through every step of the way, includes photos, charts and  has even released UK, USA and Dutch version.

Wow, this lady is a little bit of a super star if you ask me!

: :   C U T I E   P I N   : :

Pattern: Cutie Pin by Maaike van Koert

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
Cotton: DMC Petra Crochet Cotton 5

: :

That's not the only one of Maaike's patterns I've been enjoying though.

I spoke the other day on my latest podcast about the potholder I'd made and I also wanted to show you the shawl that I made from the same book, Puur Haken.

It's called Zomersjaal, which I believe translates to Summer Shawl.

This is another lovely pattern to work up.  Easy to remember, and grows quickly too.  I made mine from some lovely King Cole Cotton Soft that I got from the lovely Black Sheep Wools.  It was a lovely choice for this because, as the name suggests, it's just so soft which makes it perfect for something to be worn around the neck. And, even though this is a cotton yarn, it does have quite a fluffiness about it so it's really pretty warm too.  I don't know what summers are like in the Netherlands, but you can certainly make use of a nice warm 'summer' shawl in your wardrobe around these parts.

My favourite part of all though, is the oh so pretty edging.  It's just so sweet and adorable, I love it.

You know, this isn't something I often say, but I do believe I could see myself making this pattern again in the future.  Rare praise indeed!

: : Z O M M E R S J A A L   : :

Pattern: by Maaike van Koert from Puur Haken
(Book written in Dutch, I worked from the charts only)

Yarn: King Cole Cotton Soft

S x