Playing with Colour

Stylecraft Special

While I'm on the subject of putting off important things, as I mentioned when talking about Blog Shuffling yesterday, I thought I might tell you about some more playing around I've been up to.  As you might know if you follow me on Instagram, I've been messing about with colour this past weekend.

I've been making up little colour cards, or swatches if you prefer, for some of my yarn collections.

Not my idea, of course.  It was the brainchild of that maesto of crochet colour, Lucy of Attic 24.  Lucy made her cute little swatches using pegs last year and as usual for me, being rather slow on the uptake, I didn't get around to joining in with the idea at the time.  I think I was busy and probably felt it wasn't necessary.  'I can just get the balls out if I need to' I thought, in my lazy way.

But, the thought niggled, as thoughts do.  Genius that she is, I finally saw she was so right and there have been half a dozen occasions just lately when I've thought to myself how useful they would be.

So I caved and made some of my own.  In fact I got a little carried away with the idea and have been messing around with yarn and cardboard for a fair amount of the weekend, truth be told.  I didn't have any pegs you see, but I did have all of these little tags that I thought might just be up to the job.

Stylecraft Special

Rico Baby Classic DK

So after working my way through my Stylecraft Special DK collection.  (And a few more that I might have popped out and bought - just to round out the selection nicely.)  I moved on to my Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and then my Rico Baby Classic DK!  Not that I'm obsessed or anything...

But the thing is, once these little cards, or pegs, or whatever you fancy using, are made up they are so much fun to play with.  So easy to arrange and re-arrange into pleasing combinations.  So easy to compare with other colours, see which colours are most useful and really get to know the shades inside out.  And so very much easier that heaving the many yarny balls out and making a mess of them.

I found all this palette play most entertaining I must say.  I even tested myself to see if I could made some of my least favourite colours work, like Magenta and Matador.  And I did manage it, I found a way of using them with other colours that I could tolerate quite happily.   Whether I would actually decide to go ahead and use them I don't know, but it really does show me that what I suspected must be true, that all colours are good at some point.

Stylecraft Special

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (foreground) / Rico Baby Classic (background)

 It gave me a new appreciation of the Stylecraft range, I have to say.  I also found, yet again, how much I love Debbie Bliss' Baby Cashmerino colours.  You can't beat the tones and subtle shades that create a more delicate and refined palette than many other yarns can manage.  It has left me wanting more of her colours though, so see what other delicious combinations I could make.

I've also found a new favourite and possibly the best selection of shades to use for Cath Kidston inspired projects I've ever come across in Rico Baby Classic.  Just gorgeous.  There are only 33 solid colours in their range (unlike Special's 63) but they are pretty much all gems that work so nicely together that it just sets the mind buzzing looking at them...

Rico Baby Classic DK

Rico Baby Classic DK

That and you can just make happy rainbows with them of course!

S x