Adventuring in Lucyland

Lest the top picture should cause confusion, you have not actually landed within the cozy pages of Attic24.  No, you are still here with me, at Cherry Heart.  Excitingly though, I got the chance to take a trip up to the home of that crochet legend just last week.

It's not often I get the opportunity for some time away from home, especially not alone so this felt like quite a big deal.  It feels like I'm so used to being a Mummy I've forgotten how to navigate the world alone.  Daft really, but there it is.

Still, luckily I wasn't completely alone because a short train ride away was another crochet superstar to meet up with, Heather from Pink Milk.  I know, what a trip!  You can see why I broke out of my little Mummy bubble for this can't you?

Well H and I managed the numerous trains and changes required to make it into Yorkshire and although I have not visited that area very often, it's not disappointed me yet and Lucy's little corner of it is just delightful.  Although I only live a few hundred miles away, it's almost like another world.  Visually, the buildings and landscape are quite different.  So very picturesque and charming, every bit as lovely as Lucy's pictures promised it would be.

We went on a little tour around the place, H and I, to take in the sights and sounds of 'Lucyland'.  I just about managed to get a picture of 'the hill' and of course the canal.  We didn't make it quite as far as Skipton Castle but we clocked Cooper's Cafe almost at once.

Lucy, sweet thing that she is, was very generous and patient with us.  She let us see the famous studio, take photos, gush over her makes and generally get a little fan-girly over it all.  The studio is completely wonderful, Lucy has made it a beautiful and cozy crochet spot and I don't wonder that she loves to come and work there.  Such a wonderful little hidey hole full of colour.

Then, to top the whole thing off, we join the Friday morning Knit and Natter group at Cooper's.  That was fun.  So great to chat over everything yarny with like minded souls.  Meet new people and find new blogs along the way.  Another reminder that I really must pluck up the courage to join something similar around my way.  You can't beat a coffee, a little crochet and some chatter to wash it down.  Just heavenly.

So thank you to two lovely ladies, for your time and your company, getting me out of my bubble and just generally being awesome.

S x