Colour Collaborative: June


I didn't turn the picture above into a colour a palette as I guess it would have made a rather monochromatic one and I am always on the search for something more colourful.  But if I had of done, I would of called it 'Found Bargain' as that's what it was.  A happy little find at our village fĂȘte, happily cheap too at only £2 and will be just the right size for Christmas trifle I reckon.  Hopefully the kind that'll make a satisfying and amusingly flatulent sound as I scoop the trifle out too.

As you'll be all too aware, I'm always on the looking out for new colour inspirations around me and so I took a very literal interpretation of this month's Colour Collaborative prompt.  Things I've found and as usual, the colour inspirations I've found from those.

I was pleased to find these gorgeous fabrics while on a little shopping trip recently.  Always pleasing to find nice fabric of course but particularly pleasing when they combine to make a harmonious and I think, warm and soothing palette too.

Another recent find is digital radio.  Ok, so most people found this a while ago. I'm late to the party as usual but am pleased to find that it's a party I'm happy to go to.  I've long been tired of the standard radio channels, but Hubs has introduced me to the digital channels and in particular, 6 Music.  Shaun Keaveny in the morning is my favourite.  And best of all, it gave me an opportunity to buy one of those fab retro radios.  Yippee!

I haven't spend an awful lot of time in the garden yet this year.  I blame  the weather of course, but maybe I've been slightly lazy too.  I'm glad to say the garden seems to have survived the neglect reasonably well and I was very surprised to discover the strawberries have managed to put forth some fruit, with little or no help or watering on my part.  Life finds a way eh?

Last of all I was glad to find, hidden under the other slightly overgrown plants around it, my solitary rose has managed to bloom too.  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with roses.  Undeniably beautiful I will grant you, but I fell in bed of rose bushes as a child and the experience scarred me (happily not literally) for life.  I'm not sure I shall ever entirely forgive them, but allowing one in my garden is significant progress!

Where do you find your colour inspirations?

Oh and just in case you wanted to know, 
all of the palettes in this post were made from my stash of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino

: :

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