Feeling Dotty?

I hope you'll forgive the name.  It's a reference to the choice of borders you can select from if you decide you'd like to make this shawl.  The contrasting, and very dotty one like I have here, with pink edging and dangly red dots.  Or you can opt for the single colour version.  None the less pretty I hope, but most definitely less dotty.

So, that's the question you have to ask yourself, are you feeling dotty or not?

Rather pleasingly, for the one colour version you'll need just one skein of the yarn.  Debbie Bliss Rialto Lace is the one I choose.  I like it because, being merino it still provides a little snugness about the next if worn wrapped and it has a nice softy bounciness to it which holds the lace nicely when blocked.  And being Debbie Bliss, there are a nice range of colours to choose from too.

Of course, if you are 'feeling dotty' you'll need some contrasting colours for the border as well but not too much and if you don't already have a little yardage of some left over lace weight that will do the job for you, a few skeins of embroidery thread fill the gap nicely and save you splashing out on extra skeins.

It's been a joy working on this little shawl, taken my time and pleasure in the process of creating it.  I've been wearing both version quite a lot and I love the different look that the two options give.

I hope you enjoy it too...

:  :   F E E L I N G   D O T T Y ?   : :

by Sandra Paul

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