Colour Collaborative: July


Although I didn't turn the picture above into a colour a palette, I'm sure you can imagine the 'ombre' selection I didn't have the yarn to create, that colour sums up 'mend' more than any other to me.
Or rather, I suppose it sums up 'not mended' more than any other.

You see, that yarn is the one that I made my absolutely favourite pair of socks out of.  The yarn was gorgeous, soft as can be and the colour is divine.  The socks themselves turned out just beautifully too and although I wore them sparingly, their little life was all too short and swift.

I must be one of those people that are hard on their socks I suppose because I had barely noticed the threadbare patches before fully blown heel holes had appeared.  As you will no doubt imagine, I was fairly distraught about this tragic development.  All hope was lost, my work ruined and my favourite socks gone.  Nothing to be done for them I thought sadly to myself and I slowly, reluctantly, dropped them... into the bin!

Now I know that right at this moment you'll be saying to yourself (or maybe screaming at your screen) 'Why the heckety heck didn't you darn them?'  Well, quite.  I know.

I'm afraid it just didn't occur to me.  I don't know how aware of 'darning' I was back when this occurred.  I'd heard of it certainly. People always had to darn their stockings in Enid Blyton or Agatha Christie books, but I'm not sure I really knew exactly what was involved.  What's worse is I had plenty of the left-over sock yarn to do the job with.  Heartbreaking isn't it?  My only defense is time, it was quite a while ago...

Still, it was a lesson learnt because I did finally work out what darning was and realise just what a marvellous thing it might well prove to be for me in future.  So now, as well as understanding the merits of using sock yarn with nylon content to help prevent the pesky holes in the first place, I also know exactly what to do if they do start showing their ugly little faces in the heel regions.

So now, I always make sure I keep a little of any used sock yarn back, ready to leap into action should the need arise.  And that's why it's sock yarn that's inspiring my 'mend' palettes today.

Of course, I haven't actually tried darning yet.
I sense there will be a few more lessons to be learnt lurking in my future...

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