Flotsam and Jetsam

This blog has always been a place to share my crafty creations.  Pretty much all of them.  So everything I've made, be it good or bad, ends up here.  There are a few exceptions, but not many.

Most of the time I'm happy to share them because to a greater or lesser extent I like or even love them.  Sometimes things don't go to plan and I end up a little less enamored with them but I'm going to keep sharing them anyway because that's life, especially a crafty one, isn't it?

It started with love though, this, or rather these, projects.  A love of an interesting new yarn that I'd not seen before.  I found it at Black Sheep Wools when I was last there and fell for it straight away, buying up a few balls with not much idea in mind other that the fact that surely they would be good for something.  It's called Beachcomber by Sirdar, have you seen it?  It's a cotton yarn that's got a really interesting spin to it.  It's one of those that goes from fat to thin and it's sort of wibbly, like it's been for a light crimping.  Most interesting.

The colour above is called 'Collecting Shells' which is just a great name and I decided to go for something very summery and light.  My plan was to come with a pattern for a simple, one skein, make it in a couple of hours type scarf that I could throw on with summer outfits.

I guess it is that.  It was very quick and simple to make.  It's light to wear, you could throw it on with summer outfits... but I don't.  It just doesn't grab me the way I hoped it would.  I called this one 'Jetsam'.  I think it's fairly appropriate.  I wanted a rough and ragged, washed up look to it.  But I think it's my old nemesis the variegated yarn that is it's undoing for me.  As is so often the case, I love the colours.  I adore how it looks on the skien.  But, once it's made up.... meh.

I had another couple of skeins though, just white this time, so I thought I would have another go.  I was aiming that chic look, that I'm sure you'll be familiar with called 'discarded fisherman's net'.   It's so often the way isn't it?  While wandering along the beach you come across some net, now full of holes and you think to yourself, 'that would make a good scarf, I shall pick it up and wear it.'

Ok, maybe not but for some reason that was the look I was thinking I wanted.  Similar to the first one but this one was going to be called 'Flotsam' and was going work so much better this time around...


Oh well, you win some, you lose some. To console myself slightly I do think I pulled off the 'knackered netting' effect quite well.  It's just that in doing so I didn't create anything I really want to wear around my neck. And I was so sure the general 'ragged beach things' look it was going to work.  And you know what? I've still got a little niggle that tells me that a 'Jetsam' made in 'Flotsam' colours might not be bad, but all in all I suppose I really ought to accept that this is an idea best consigned to the scrap heap!

S x