New Pattern: Quite Quant

I'm really excited about this one!

Actually, I could probably always say that, because if I didn't love it so much I'd never manage to get the pattern all written out and ready, but it is true.  I just am so happy with how this little blanket turned out.

It is a pretty small blanket, it'd be just right to use on a push-chair.  It's the sort of size blanket I use when I take my little niece out for a walk (and hopefully nap).  It'd work for a large pram or carrycot too though I would think. 

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It's the first time I've made a blanket entirely from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and it was such a treat to do it.  It's so lovely to crochet with and the colours are just gorgeous.  The ones I went for are hopefully in keeping with the sort of sixties 'flower power' type feel I was going for with these little quarter petal flowers.  I think they are very Mary Quant and overall it's got quite an Orla-ish feel about it too.

Rarely, for me, I actually wasn't very far at all into the blanket when I decided I had to come out with some sort of layout plan so that I could get all the colours nicely arranged and 'just so'.  I did a little thing on the computer so I knew what colours were going where.  I had a few goes at it, trying to get it all just perfect but to be honest it seemed impossible to order them perfectly without falling into a repeating pattern, which I prefer not to do.  So in the end it's still a little random in places but doesn't make it any less perfect in my eyes.

As I say, it's not my usual way to plan it all out in advance like this but I must say it does speed things up when you do.  Normally I enjoy making decisions as I go, it's all part of the fun.  But this method means that once you are ready to join, you just whizz through it.  Pretty cool!

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The part that caused the most agonising, was the border.  I had an idea for a quite wide border, which was going to echo the petals and be very in keeping with the sixties theme.  It was all quite lovely and thinking my test piece was perfect, I edged the whole blanket in it.  But when it was done, lovely as it was, it just wasn't right.  It was too overwhelming and so it had to go in favour of something simple and understated that allows those cute flowers that somehow manage to look geometric too, doing the talking instead.  Much better.

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: :   Q U I T E   Q U A N T   : :

by Sandra Paul

A full written pattern which includes:

UK Crochet terms and stitch abbreviations (with a guide to convert to US terms)
Helpful pictures
Layout information (if you want to duplicate my colour layout)
 Photo tutorials for special stitches
Crochet chart
Also includes guidance on yardage for making larger sizes


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S x