Off-piste and into the craft room

I had a post planned for today about some summery scarves I made.  Well, tried to make.  Somehow I'm just not feeling it though.  I think I might go off-piste a bit.

The trouble with wandering from the beaten track on a blog post, for me at least, is the need for some accompanying photos.  No post seems complete (again, to me) without some sort of visual addition. Something to break up the text a little and rest the weary, travel worn eye upon.

Which thought caused me to cast my eye around for some suitable photogenic subject.  I'm sitting in my little crafty space at the moment and as I gazed about I recalled that I've been snapping the odd shot around here from time to time and that those might meet the case rather well.

You can't beat a crafty space for providing a little eye candy from time to time, even the mess can look pretty good.  It makes it a very nice place to spend time and since I managed to dislodge the very last foothold that Hubs had in the room and make the place mine, all mine I have been using it a great deal.
It has become a very nice place to come and work.  'Work' in the sense that I come and write my emails to you here, respond to questions, type posts and so on.  I also generally write up my patterns at this desk now.  Ok, so there was a short exception to that in the last couple of weeks when I had to be downstairs in the afternoons and give some of my attention to Wimbledon but other than that I find myself coming in here most days now.

So much so, that just last night I was thinking how nice it would be to have two desks.  One for sewing at and one for the computer and typing at.  I seem to be forever trying to clear the desk when I want to do anything.  Pilling things all over the floor or balancing things precariously on top of other perched things.  I don't know, a few years ago I only had a tiny part of this room to use and slowly but surely I have ousted the other claimants and taken the whole area over.  Now I'm having visions of a space big enough for two desks.  Some people are just never satisfied are they?

You can see a little of the clutter in the picture above, very much the tip of the iceberg.  Lots of things in progress, some mostly finished, some half way through and new idea, something that might be good to take on the plane when I go jetting off in summer.  We go in August and I need just the right sort of thing to take.  Not sure a new pattern idea is the best thing, but maybe if I get the kinks all ironed out first?  Well, we'll see.

All this talk of craft rooms and such has reminded me that I never did share with you the little 'craft room tour' video that I made.  A couple of people suggested a little podcast showing you around the place might be a nice idea and so, while it was still new and relatively tidy, I did.  It is a couple of months out of date now, looking around I see there have been a couple of changes already.  Still, no matter, you'll get the general idea.  Do you fancy having a nose?

If you do, come with me...

S x