Sneak Peeking and Advice Seeking!

: : Sneak Peeking : :

(From my IG feed)

I thought I'd just pop in and show you a little something I've got cooking up that I'm really excited about...

These cutesy flowers are making up a little baby blanket and I've almost finished it too.  It's all a bit Orla-ish and Quant-y and I love it so much.  I'm just trying to get the last bits together to I can get the pattern out before we go away for the summer.  Yay, holidays!

Anyway, that brings me nicely to the other thing I was going to say...

: :

: :  Advice Seeking  : :

(Calling all Floridians (is that a thing?))

We're going to sunny Florida this year (we'll be in Orlando) and I was just wondering if any of you know any good yarn or fabric shops that should be on my list of places to visit while I'm there?

You know the kind of things I like, yummy yarns in all colours and sizes.  Good sock yarns, something I can't get in the UK maybe?  And fabulous fabrics, I love the cute and ditsy kind best.

Where do you like to go for your craft shopping, friends from Florida?

S x