Colour Collaborative: August


This is one of those occasions when I'm going to be very literal about the theme of the month.
Dress as a term can mean many things but I'm going to actually talk about dresses themselves.  Specifically, given the month, summer dresses.  You see, when it comes to colour I find dresses fairly inspirational.  Fabric generally is because someone else has thought up a palette for you, the work is done.

And that's what I'm doing here, stealing being inspired by the good work of the clever brains that have gone before and using that to create a ready made, harmonious palette ready to go!

Let's take a look at some of my favourite dresses and see what we get....

This is a Joules tunic dress, I love the duck egg blue back ground so that's a good start and unsurprisingly I love the palette it makes too.  Quite distinctively a Joules palette I think.

This is a more subtle selection of colours and one it's hard to pick out in this Stylecraft yarn.  My Cashmerino cards might have been a better choice as they have a more gentle range of colours.  Still it's one I've already taken inspiration from when I made my second Ricicles shawl.  
(This dress I think might be Laura Ashley.)

I'm beginning to notice a bit of a blue theme here.  This is a new dress that I got from Fat Face this year, all ready for my holi-holiday!  I love the contrasting shades in this palette, although the midnight I selected to act as my navy does look rather black in the photo.

 It also comes as no surprise at all that this Cath Kidston dress creates my favourite palette of all.  It's nicely retro as you'd expect and has her distinct and signature colours in, like the duck egg blue, pinks and bold red.  The background of this fabric, although hard to see is actually black so I've added that in too.  (Gasp!)  I know harsh and unyielding black isn't to everyone's taste but I'm coming round to touches of it here and there and for this I think it works.

 What potential palettes do you have hanging in your wardrobe I wonder?

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I yarn I used for these palette is Stylecraft Special DK

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