Colour Collaborative - September

Berwick Street Market, Soho, London. 14 January 2006. Photographer: Fin Fahey. (Source)


The trouble I've had with this post is getting over the initial image conjured up by the word 'market'. What pops into my head first is, I hope, an old fashioned image of a British market.  Often set up for a specific day in a street or carpark, sometimes in a more permanent purpose built location.

Generally, I have found them to be full of stalls of fresh fruit, sometimes meat or fish too and then an abundance of cheaper items.  Mobile accessories, shoes, handbags, strangely patterned clothes, designer rip-offs and such.  If you are lucky there might be a kind of aladdins cave of a stall selling fabric and haberdashery.  Something like the picture above.  I can't say I've found them very inspiring.

Of course, I hope I'm mostly wrong with that image.  You get Farmer's markets now don't you?  And when I think of other countries it conjures up wonderful antique brocantes in France or festive Christmas markets in Germany.  Much nicer.

But alas, me and my camera were not due a trip to France or Germany and I don't know of a farmers market around here, so how to make this post relevant to me, to September and to colour?


It's the answer to most things really isn't it?

A yarn festival is very like a market wouldn't you say?  Lots of stalls, a place see wares, to buy and sell.  Sounds like a market and one I can easily get on board with.

As I mentioned previously on this blog, I went to Fibre East in the summer and whilst at this 'market' of yarny goodness I found many inspiring things.  The one I am finding most exciting at the moment is actually not yarn... yet.  It's my fluffy spinning things.

Let's see the colours this kind of market can give us...

Much more inspiring, if you ask me!

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