Colour Collaborative: October


I like blue.  I'm going to make a sweeping generalisation here but I think everybody likes a bit of blue.  Do you?

It's a colour we are so surrounded by.  Wherever you are in the world, whatever your landscape and day to day colours, we are still always going to see blue.  Even here, in the notoriously grey skied UK, blue is often above us.  Especially in October where we are often treated to clear, crisp, bright but chilly days.

Blue is a cool colour but it's a calming and peaceful one too, which is why it has such appeal.  I think it soothes us.  It's the most popular colour for desktop/phone wallpapers too, so it must be fairly easy on the eye.

It's often seen as a colour for boys, although it's probably one of the most versatile colours around I would say.  Doesn't everything go with blue?  My daughter's favourite colour when she was little was blue and it was only a when she'd had a couple of years in school and realised that apparently 'little girls like pink' that she wavered from that.  

Although, when given the chance to choose the paint colours for her room, she went for pink and blue.  Her wall is still blue now and I love the way it works with these bright colours too.
It's the reason the puff cushion I made ended up in her room too.

Maybe it's because it's such a prominent colour at the coast that means we love it too.  The association with holidays and happy times perhaps?  It's also the basis for the classic colour combination of blues and yellows.  One that's never really out of fashion, just reincarnated in different ways.

The yellows and golds warm it up a little too don't they?  Despite being known as a cold colour I don't think it takes much to add a warmer touch.  I have lots of blue around my home.  Duck egg blue mostly as it's my favourite but it's mixed with warmer colours so I still get a cozy feel.  Mints, peaches and soft browns work so well too, looking at my projects, it looks like I use those a lot too!

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