Spice of Life CAL - Finishing Up

Goodness me everyone, can you believe that we're at the very last week for this Crochet Along?
It's been an amazing trip so far and I reckon seeing the final stages of the blankets this week will really just top everything so far.

Spice of Life CAL


All the parts are out now and it's all about finishing up this week.

Some of you will be almost at the end of your blankets and ready to show them off with pride, which is fantastic, we just can't wait to see them all being paraded!

Please do make use of the social media links to Facebook, Instagram and Ravelry (linked below) to show off your work for us all to admire.

: :   UPDATE   : :

This pattern is now available to purchase as a complete downloadable PDF file

Please see the Spice of Life Page for details

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For those of you who were still working through your blanket repeats last week, or maybe if you are working on more than one blanket, you'll be looking to start your border in this week.   You can find the border pattern using the link below.  Do remember to make sure that you check out my post about working the border before you start to help you.

To find all other pattern parts, see the Spice of Life Pattern Page