Spice of Life CAL - Part 4

These blankets are really starting to show their personalities and it's been such a joy to see you bringing all your different creations to life and the variety of looks you are getting.

I can't wait to see what you do this week!

Spice of Life CAL


This week we'll be making use of some new stitches to create some new patterns and textures for our blankets.  There could be quite a few new things to learn here if you are a beginner but don't worry, there's plenty of help to guide you on your way.

As with last week, do take a moment to read through this post before downloading the pattern and starting work on your blanket.

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As with any pattern, make sure you read all the information carefully and remember to refer to the photos included to help you.

Section 5: Fill the Gap
This one is the easiest this week, no new stitches in this section so hopefully you'll find it straight forward.

Section 6: Tulips
Like the 'Stacked Shells' last week, this section uses stitches separated by a chains, so you'll need to watch your tension here.

You'll also be using a new stitch, the cluster stitch to make your tulips.

Section 7: Waves

Again, as mentioned last week, remember to watch your tension on the rows of UK dc's.

This section makes use of the UK Half Treble and Double Treble stitches for the first time.
Although this section makes use of only standard crochet stitches, it is easy to lose track of things.  Make sure you check over the pictures for this section so you know which stitches are going where.

For those used to working with US terms, you'll need to make sure you use the correct stitches for this section to work out.  Check the 'Tutorial Links' below if you are not sure.

Section 8: Puffs
Another stitch we haven't used before, the puff stitch.  This adds a new texture to your blanket

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There's a few new things to learn this week, so if you are having problems here's some things to try.

If you are having problems with the sides of your blankets coming inwards after working these sections, have a look at the 'Problem Solving' section of my last post, Spice of Life CAL - Part 3

Lining up Stitches - Waves Section
Take your time working through this section as you'll want to make sure the stitches line up correctly to get the wave effect.  Taking yourself off somewhere quiet can help and here's a couple more tips:

When working Row 2 of this section, after you make the 1st UK dc into the 1st stitch, each UK dc you work will be into the 6th stitch.  So keeping count while you work through the different stitches should help.

When working Row 3, the best way to check you are on track is to make sure that each double treble is being made into a UK dc.  It's not always easy to tell some of the other stitches apart, but the UK dc is usually quite clear so it's good way to check things are working out.

New stitches
There's a few new stitches this week, so if you are not sure of any of them, or, if you are used to working from Amercian Terms and want to be sure you are making the right stitch, please make use of the tutorials linked below.

If you are really struggling with any of the new sections in this part of the blanket.  Please don't worry.  This is a mixed blanket, so if one part is really giving you problems you could always swap it for a section you've done already.

For example, if you can't get 'Waves' to work, you could do another 'Big Zipper' instead.  It has the same number of dc and tr rows so swapping these sections won't affect your yardage requirements.

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Half Treble Crochet Stitch (US - Half Double)
Double Treble Crochet Stitch (US - Treble)
3tr Cluster Stitch (US - 3dc Cluster)
3 tr Puff Stitch  (US - 3dc Puff)

For some helpful videos for the the cluster and puff stitch:

Black Sheep wools Videos
(Left and right handed videos available)

For more helpful tutorials please see my previous Spice of Life Posts:

Spice of Life Posts

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This part contains 4 new sections to add to your blanket
We'll be working a total of 27 rows this week

Written Instructions with Rico Colours
Photo Tutorials for new stitch sections
Guide to colours for those using the Stylecraft Colour Pack

Remember that this pattern is written in UK terms
If you are in the US, you'll need to refer to the 'Stitch Terms' in Part 2 to see which US stitches to use.
(Also see the 'Tutorial Links' above)

Download Spice of Life Pattern

All pattern parts can also be found on the Black Sheep Wools Spice of Life CAL page

For yarn pack links and more information on the CAL please see my Spice of Life CAL Launch post

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