Spice of Life CAL - Part 5

There was a lot to learn last week and so this week you can breathe a sigh of relief as you already know all you need to know to work this part.  It's been worth all your hard work though as those blankets are looking glorious.  Now it's about making them grow big enough to snuggle in and keep you cozy.

Spice of Life CAL


This week we won't be learning anything new.  Instead we are just working through the sections we already know which will really help you consolidate your knowledge and feel comfortable with the new stitches.  There are quite a lot of rows to work in this part but don't panic, first read my tips below and then you can get started.

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This pattern is now available to purchase as a complete downloadable PDF file

Please see the Spice of Life Page for details

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How to work this Section

This part details the sections you need to repeat for the second half of the blanket, along with the colours you need to use this time around.  You'll need to refer back to each relevant section for the written instructions (and photos) and use this week's part to tell you the correct colours to work.

Pace Yourself

The most important tip this week is to not focus on the amount to do, but on each manageable chunk.  Just take it a section at a time.  We have made half our blankets so far and this latest part will give you the information to make the second half.

So, the first thing to remember is that there are still three whole weeks of the CAL left.  If you made the first half of your blanket in this time so far and you know you can do the same again.

You'll be working the sections you already know, so they will at least be familiar to you, which means you'll be quicker this time around.

Most importantly, aim to work this section over this week and next week. 
That will leave you with just the final section for the last week.

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Don't forget you can refer back to my previous posts to refresh your memory on any of my tips or the tutorials for any of the sections that are still giving you trouble.

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This part contains the blanket repeat information and the end rows
We'll be working a total of 63 rows, but you can aim to work these over 2 weeks.

Remember that this pattern is written in UK terms
If you are in the US, you'll need to refer to the 'Stitch Terms' in Part 2 to see which US stitches to use.

Working the Blanket Repeat
To make the blanket big enough, the sections are worked again in different colours.  All the colours to use are given below.  Refer back to the instructions for each section for the correct pattern for each row.

Start at section 2 and work through to section 8 in the following colours:

Section 2: stacked Grannies
Row 1:  YARN K
Row 2:  YARN G
Row 3:  YARN K
Row 4:  YARN G
Row 5 & 6:  YARN H

Section 3: big zipper
Row 1 & 2:  YARN E
Row 3 & 4:  YARN B
Row 5 & 6:  YARN J

Section 4: stacked shells
Row 1:  YARN A
Row 2 & 3:  YARN C
Row 4 & 5:  YARN L
Row 6 & 7:  YARN M
Row 8:  YARN F
Row 9:  YARN D

Section 5: fill the gap
Row 1:  YARN K
Row 2:  YARN J
Row 3:  YARN B
Row 4:  YARN I
Row 5:  YARN C
Row 6 & 7:  YARN E

Section 6: tulips
Row 1:  YARN G
Row 2:  YARN G
Row 3:  YARN D
Row 4:  YARN H
Row 5 & 6:  YARN M

Section 7: waves
Row 1 & 2:  YARN B
Row 3 & 4:  YARN L
Row 5 & 6:  YARN C

Section 8: puffs
Row 1:  YARN F
Row 2:  YARN G
Row 3:  YARN K
Row 4:  YARN A
Row 5:  YARN I
Row 6:  YARN H
Row 7:  YARN M
Do not work Row 8 of this section.

Then work section 1 as follows:

Section 1: Grannies
Row 1:  YARN L
Row 2:  YARN E
Row 3:  YARN L
Row 4:  YARN E
Row 5:  YARN L

Do not work Rows 6, 7 or 8 of this section.

End Rows
To finish the blanket work ‘Treble Rows’ as follows:

Row 1 & 2:  YARN F 
Row 3 & 4:  YARN H
Row 5 & 6:  YARN J
Row 7 & 8:  YARN A
Row 9 & 10:  YARN D

We're nearly there!

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This pattern is now available to purchase as a complete downloadable PDF file

Please see the Spice of Life Page for details

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