Spice of Life CAL - Part 6

Some of you are reaching the end of your blankets now and are ready for the border this week.
Some of you are working on more than one blanket, started later or are just pacing yourself.  If that's the case, that's fine too.  This is to be enjoyed and you can work at your own pace.

Spice of Life CAL


This week we'll be adding the finishing touch to our blankets with a small and simple border.
I've also included a guide to blocking for acrylic yarns like those in the yarn packs.  It can be a great way to even everything up and create a lovely drape to your finished piece.

If you are still working through the blanket repeat posted last week, you can just start this part next week.

As always, do take a moment to read through this post before downloading the pattern and starting work on your blanket.

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As with any pattern, make sure you read all the information carefully and remember to refer to the photo tutorials included in the download to help you.

Working the First Round
This is one of the trickiest parts as the number of stitches you'll need to work along each side of the blanket will vary, depending on your own unique tension.  I've added instructions that you can follow in the written pattern to guide you but you may well find that you need to add a few more or a few less stitches to get the border just right for your blanket.

Working the Second Round
This round is simple to crochet but it will highlight any tension issues with the first round.
See the 'problem solving' below to help you with the first and second row.

Working the Third Round
If you needed to change the number of stitches to adjust your tension in the first two rounds, the stitch multiples on this round might be slightly out.  See the pattern tutorial to see how to correct this without ripping back.

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When working the first two rounds, you might have a problem with the border laying flat.  This is most likely to be along the edges where it is hard to determine the exact stitch count to use.

... If your border curls or puckers up and won't lie down flat ...
You have too few stitches and it is pulling your edges too tight.  You need to add a few more stitches to the ends of the rows.

... If your border looks frilly and won't smooth out flat ...
You have too many stitches and they haven't got space to lie evenly.  You need to work less stitches into the ends of the rows.

Checking You're On Track

You can keep an eye on your tension by stopping and laying your blanket out every so often to see how flat and smooth it is lying.

Once you've worked the first side, make a note of how many stitches you needed to get the tension right.  Then work the other side the same way.
(Make this easier by breaking it down by blanket section.)

It can take a little experimentation to get the border to look right but it will be worth it as this will be the last part of your project and will set it off nicely.

Borders are a great time to learn to relax in your quest for perfection.

When working those great long lengths it's hard to make sure that your stitch count multiples work out just right and match exactly to the pattern as written.  This is especially true if you needed to adjust a little to accommodate your tension.

 Luckily, the pattern repeat on this border pattern is nice and small so when working you will only be a stitch or two out at most.  See my tips in the photo tutorial to see how to make a correction on Round three if you need to.

Remember this can be a great way to even out and neaten up your work, especially if you are still having problems with the edges drifting in or with the border not lying quite flat. 

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This part contains instructions for the blanket border and how to block the finished project.
The border is approximately equivalent to working 20 rows of the blacket.

Written Instructions with Rico Colours
Photo tutorials to take you through each round of the border
Guide to colours for those using the Stylecraft Colour Pack

Remember that this pattern is written in UK terms
If you are in the US, you'll need to refer to the 'Stitch Terms' in Part 2 to see which US stitches to use

Download Spice of Life Pattern

For yarn pack links and more information on the CAL please see my Spice of Life CAL Launch post

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