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I'm pleased to be one of the bloggers chosen to take part in the Stylecraft Blog Tour to celebrate the release of the new pack of Limited Edition colours as voted for by you!

(There will also be a chance to win your own pack later in the post, so stay tuned for that.)

Yesterday the tour was with at Julie at Hand Knitted Things and tomorrow it'll be jetting off to visit  Suz at Suz Place but today the tour lands here, so welcome to my blog if you've never been before.

Top (L-R): Lobelia, Boysenberry, Fuschia Purple, Cypress, Kelly Green
Bottom (L-R): Empire, Duck Egg, Mustard, Pistachio,Grass Green 

In case you haven't see them yet, these are the gorgeous selection of shades that won the votes of the judges of the Stylecraft colour competition and the crowning winner of these top 10 beauties was the wonderful Duck Egg which will be released as a brand new colour.

There are plenty of other strong contenders here to make a permanent addition to the Special range though don't you think?

I think so, and as soon as these new colours landed on my desk, I had to get my colour cards out and play at once.  I wanted to get a feel for them and how they would work with all the other shades.

Let's have a look a little more closely...

First the Mustard, a favourite shade of mine for a long time and a colour the Special range really needs if you ask me.  The current Gold is a gorgeous deep and rich colour but I nearly always have to use a different brand to find a golden yellow that I'm happy with.  This new Mustard is a fab shade and would be one I'd choose again and again if it stays for good.

Now the pinky-purples...

For me, there are probably enough of these deep and bright pinky-purple shades already available.  The new Fuschia Purple is fairly close to the existing Raspberry and the Boysenberry is close to the Plum.  I don't personally like the Boysenberry shade too much, but the Fuschia purple I do like, maybe even a little bit more than the raspberry!

The tricky greens...

I always really struggle with the greens in the Stylecraft range.  So I'm quite happy to see that four different ones made the top 10.

I must admit I was hoping that the Kelly Green would have been a little more subtle.  Something like a soft jade, closer to the little sample I've included in the picture above.  This actually too close to the regular Green for my liking, which I find hard to use or work into a palettes.

The same goes for the Grass Green, it's a little bright for my taste, but having said that, it is unlike any other Stylecraft Special green so far, so I came see the appeal.

The Cypress is a lovely green though.  I hope that makes it into the range full time.

The Pistachio is very nice too, wonderfully subtle and although it is quite close to the lime, I prefer it and it looks beautiful next to the Khaki and Meadow.

Last but not least, the blues...

There are some beautiful blues already in the Stylecraft Special range, but the competition managed to find a few more.

The Lobelia is unlike any other colour in their range at the moment and it looks so nice against the navy and the Denim.

The Empire is very close to the Petrol colourway and not dissimilar to the Teal so I wonder if this one will make it into the main range?  I have to say though that I love it.  It is a little brighter that the Petrol and is just a gorgeous jewelled shade.

The Duck Egg is also lovely.  Slightly paler than I was hoping for after seeing the pantone colours of the winners, but still lovely.  I wish this shade was about when I made my Painted Roses blanket!

: :

So what did I do with the pack that the wonderful people at Stylecraft sent me?

Well, the colours seemed to fall into two categories. The brighter, jewelled shades and the more subtle, natural ones.

To the new brighter shades of Lobelia, Fuschia Purple, Grass Green, Mustard and Empire I decided to add the existing Fondant, Grey and Sherbert

And then I started to make lots and lots of triangles...

It's been a lovely little task to whip these up, they are quite small and I soon had some lovely little piles to start to play with and arrange.  Most satisfying.

I'm planning a little blanket with these little slices of colour.  Just a small one but it's a fun little project to fit in amongst other things.  I've left all the ends as I wanted to use them to sew the triangles together.  I've started to sew it up now and it's turning into a bit of a task.  Still, I'll keep plodding onwards with it and show you more soon.

PATTERN: Triangle Pillow by Sloveig Grimstad

As for the more muted shades, Duck Egg, Cypress Green and Pistachio, they seemed just perfect to compliment another little project I've started just recently.

Yes I think they will be just right.

: :

✶ ✶ ✶   COMPETITION TIME   ✶ ✶ ✶

So what do you think of the colours?

And, would you like to win your very own Limited Edition pack?

If so, just click on the link below to enter:

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Stylecraft Limited Edition Pack Competition
(Run by Raflecopter)

Open today, 3rd October 2015 only from 10am UK time to the end of the day
--- Competition Now Closed ---

UPDATE: 3 Oct 2015 - 12:13
Sorry everyone.  The link is now working!

S x