The new arrival!

I don't know what you might have been thinking after my last post about this little blanket of triangles.  It's pretty hard not to think about the pitter patter of tiny little feet when you start talking about blankets for new arrivals isn't it?  You'd be right about that, except it's not two tiny feet on this occasion, but four!

Yep, the reason, or excuse to be more accurate, for making up these cute triangles was for a special new little boy in our lives as I'm sure many of you will have guessed already.  He's a miniature Dachshund and his name is Bertie.

Goodness me, what an adorable little package he is too.

Of course, they are not easy to photograph, these puppies.  They tend to be on the move a lot for one thing, rather than want to sit and pose.  And not only are they on the move, it almost always seems to be in the other direction, no matter how many times you move.  Thankfully we no longer need film for photos, as more than usual would have been wasted to bring you this particular post.

In making a blanket for a pup, you obviously have to prepare yourself for the fact it might not last forever.  I thought leaving the cream out would be a good plan to not show the dirt so much and even though I really wanted to add a dangle to each corner, obviously that really would have been asking for trouble!  Even so, puppies do like to chew.  Especially Dashies apparently so it'll be interesting to see how well it lasts.  He's had a bit of a go already and will tug it out of his bed to play with but I'm so glad he's taken to it already.

Of course, with those eyes staring up at you, you can easily forgive him pretty much anything anyway.

And sooner or later, they wear themselves out completely and that's when you can finally get a shot...

S x