Do you remember me talking about these triangles earlier in the month, in my Blog Tour Post?

While these little slices were a joy to sit and whip up in both new colours and old, at the time of that last post I was still at the sewing up stage.  I can't say that part was quite so joyful.  It was more on the slow and tedious side to be honest, thank goodness this blanket is a small one.

Anyway, once I had finally turned the pile of triangles into a single piece of fabric and dealt with all those erant ends I must say I was pretty happy with how it was looking.  This is a blanket in which I have slightly gone against my natural instinct for the colours.  Normally I would have wanted to add a cream to the mix, maybe instead of the grey, though more likely as well as.  Just to lift things slightly.  But there's a reason I didn't.

I also struggled a little bit with the border.  I wasn't entirely sure what would suit.  I wanted something fairly simple but couldn't settle on exactly what that should be.  Nothing looked quite right.  In the end, I again went slightly against my natural instinct, and went as plain as plain can be with a totally straight edge.  I was very tempted to add a little dangly something to the corners, but I had to resist.

This is all sounding rather cryptic isn't it?
That's because this blanket isn't for me, it's for another.  But you see, I'm not quite ready to share who it's for just yet.  It's not what you're thinking.  Well, I suppose it might be, it depends what you're thinking!  But the good news is, you won't have to wait long to find out.

I'll be able to spill the beans about this little secret very soon.
Maybe as soon as this weekend if you are on Instagram.

In the meantime, here's a few more shots of my little triangle blankie for you...

 : :  DETAILS : :

Pattern: Triangle Pillow by Sloveig Grimstad
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK
Hook: 4mm (G)
Size: 70 x 80cm (27 x 31")

Stylecraft Special Edition Colours: 
 Empire,  Lobelia,  Fuchsia Purple,  Kelly Green,  Grass Green,  Mustard
 Stylecraft Special Colours: 
Grey,  Fondant,  Sherbert

Yardage: 996 yards
 Approximately 106 yards per colour and an extra 40 yards for the border

S x