Peek-a-Boo Blanket is here!

Although the weather is still really mild for this time of year (we haven't had a frost yet), I still feel a little bit like I'm going into hibernation mode.  I have a definite 'batten down the hatches' feel about me at the minute.  Like I just need to stop and re-charge.

That is probably something I will be doing very soon I think.   But before I do that, I simply must do something which has become a little over due...

It's been a long time since this blanket first appeared here on the blog.  It was a blanket that originally appeared in the Love Crochet magazine last year.  As it's a UK magazine, unsurprisingly, it's quite hard to get hold of outside this country.  And, even if you do live here, the magazines don't tend to hang around on the shelves too long.  

So I have been promising you that I would release the pattern so that you can buy it online and make things a lot easier.  Originally I planned it for September, then it moved to October and now, here we are in November.  I really can't possibly make you wait any longer!

Better late than never eh?

On the plus side, the extra time wasn't wasted.  I've managed to add a chart to the pattern now and I've also done a few calculations to help those of you out who might want to make this blanket a little bigger.

The original commission was for a very small blanket, just big enough for a car seat or little buggy cover, so I can imagine that increasing the size to something a little more generous might well be a good idea for many of you.  I've also given you some guidelines to help judge how much more yardage you'll need if you go up a size or two as well.  It won't be foolproof of course, these things vary so much from crafter to crafter, but it's a good starting point.

Anyway, I do hope you like it and find it useful.  I think it's a good 'classic' to reach for when those friends and family break the happy news to you.  Or when you receive your own, of course!

: :   P E E K - A - B O O   B L A N K E T   : :

by Sandra Paul

A full written pattern which includes:

 UK Crochet terms and stitch abbreviations
(with a guide to convert to US terms)
 Crochet chart
 Also includes guidance on yardage for making larger sizes


S x