Upside Down

Another half-term holiday has just ended here and this time it felt like a long one, although in actual fact it was just over a week.  It was another jam packed one too.  In fact, everything feels pretty jam-packed at the moment.  Far too jam-packed if I'm honest.

Not only has my little world has been turned upside down by our new little arrival....  (Wow, puppies are way more work than I thought!)  but there seems a never ending flow of things that need sorting out or arranging as soon as possible.  It's another one of those, 'stop the world, I wanna get off' moments in my life which seem to be happening more and more often these days.  You know the sort of thing I mean, when you seem to lurch from one thing to the next with no respite in between.

The great thing about half-terms, even busy ones, is that it means there is a small child here to entertain the pup.  She has a much higher 'rolling around on the floor and throwing chew toys' tolerance that an adult could ever have.  So, although it's not very peaceful, it is at least occupation for him and a chance for me to try and get something done.

We're on our own again this week though, but hopefully a good few weeks of a nice routine to follow will do us all good.  I personally love the structure of the routine and it's supposed to suit dogs too, so let's hope it makes things a little easier around here.

I'm not the only having to adjust to a new face in the house though.  Our cat is unsurprisingly unimpressed with this new young upstart on his territory and I think it will take a while before they find their way with each other.  At the moment every time Stanley (the cat) enters the house he stops dead when he sees Bertie (the dog) and just looks at me as if to say 'why is that thing still here?'

For now he mostly prefers to observe proceedings from afar.  He tries to remain aloof but he can't help himself, he's definitely interested in this new 'it' in his home.

As for me, the current situation with my crafty works speaks for itself.  Stuck in a heap on the side looking rather abandoned and forlorn, a terrible state of affairs I'm sure you'll agree.  Keeping a crafty girl from her crochet is a cruel and unusual punishment indeed!

Luckily though, there are some pretty amazing and wonderful people dotted around this world of ours.  The kind of thoughtful souls who you've never met in real life but will go to the trouble of sending you a little something out of the blue, just to say thank you or give you a little lift.  Right when you need it.

I find that amazing and wonderful.  Someone's kindness can reach out and touch you and warm your heart.  What could be better to remind you that life is good and that internet friends can be a wonderful thing?

S x