Candy Stripe Stocking and Twinkle Toe Socks

Is it cheating that this picture is from last year?

We haven't yet tackled the usually fairly daunting 'putting up the Christmas decorations' task yet and for once I'm not looking forward to it as this year it will be the much more daunting, 'putting up the Christmas decorations with a puppy in the house' task.  Eeek!

Anyway, the reason for the re-posted picture is that fact that this little stocking originates from Christmas last year and I have always aimed to have the pattern ready for this year's festivities.  Time just goes faster and faster as we approach the end of the year and so I thought I'd better get on and get this out there before another year ticks by.

As I mentioned in my last Podcast, it was just a decorative stocking that I'd originally intended to make, but a few of you thought that I was making lovely stripy bed socks and I have to say, the idea kind of appealed to me too.

So I've been having a little play and a tweak and I've come up with a sort of 'two for the price of one' type of pattern.  I've written it so you can whip yourself up some super cozy bed socks, perfect for lounging in the glow of the fire and fairy lights whilst in pyjamas.  But also, it's got the instructions for making the decorative stocking version too.

I personally love the candy coloured stripes of the stockings but you could make them plain if you wanted too, or just two colours, whatever you like really.  Likewise, you could make the bed socks stripy and not plain too.  That's something I want to do actually.  It's going on the list....

These don't take too long to make either, especially when you compare them to a pair of knitted socks, which I'm more used to doing these days.  These are done in a relative flash.  And I'll let you into a secret.... I didn't actually weave the ends of my stripes on the stockings either.  I'm not planning on using them you see, they are just for decoration, so I didn't bother.  Christmas indulgence!

Anyway, I'm glad to say that everything is ready to go and the pattern is here - yippee!

I thought that it might be nice to and help spread a little Christmas cheer by introducing this pattern at half price too.  So if you fancy making either a pair of Twinkle Toe socks for you, or a Candy Stripe stocking for your mantel, grab a copy now!  ;)


by Sandra Paul


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I hope you have fun with it!

S x