Christmas Loving

You know, I really would forget my head if it wasn't screwed on.

The other day, when I posted about these little trees tags that I made, a few of you asked me how I adapted the original pattern to make these trees.  Well, it's very simple really.  The triangle part comes from the Summer Loving Bunting, as I mentioned last time and there's not much to it at all after that but a few stitches for the truck and a teeny star.

Now, I didn't think I'd have time to post about exactly what I did so I was planning to send a couple of messages to those folks who asked and just explain the finishing touches that I added.  But I popped on here today and what do I see sitting here but I draft post titled ' Christmas Loving'....  and what would be inside but the pattern for these very same little trees?

I must have made a note of the slight changes I made as I went along.  I made these a couple of weeks ago you see and I'd completely forgotten about my notes.  See, I'm such a strange combination of killer organised and total disaster.  If only I could just be organised and remember stuff, think what might be achieved then!  Never mind, I shan't let the foggy little brain cells I have left dwell on it.  Let's get on...

 : :


DMC Petra No 5 Crochet Thread
(Or any 100% cotton yarn)

2.20mm (USA B)
(Or hook size appropriate for your yarn)

8 x 9cm

Spray starch or pvc (white) glue for stiffening the trees
Stitch Marker

UK Crochet terms
See here for help converting to US terms


6ch, ss into 1st ch to form a loop, then:

Round 1: 2ch, 2trcl [counts as 3trcl], 2ch, (3trcl, 2ch) repeat five times, ss into top of 1st cl.

Round 2: ss into space, 2ch, 2trcl [counts as 3trcl], 3ch, 3trcl into same sp, *3ch, 1dc into next sp, 3ch, 1dc in same sp, 3ch, (3trcl, 3ch, 3trcl) into next sp,* repeat from * to * once more, 3ch, 1dc into next sp, 3ch, 1dc in same sp, 3ch, ss into top of 1st cl.

Round 3: ss into space, 2ch, 2trcl [counts as 3trcl], 3ch, 3trcl into same sp, *3ch, 1dc in next sp, (2ch, 1dc in next sp) twice, 3ch,** (3trcl, 3ch, 3trcl) in next sp,* repeat from * to * around ending last repeat at **, ss into top of 1st cl.

Round 4: 1ch, 1dc in same st, *(1dc, 1htr, 1tr, 1ch, 1tr, 1htr, 1dc) all into next sp, 1dc in top of cl, 3dc in next sp [for first repeat only, place marker in last of 3dc's just worked], 1dc in cl, (2dc in ch sp, 1dc in cl) twice, 3dc in next sp,** 1dc in cl,* repeat from * to * around ending last repeat at **, ss into top of 1st dc.


Join yarn to st indicated by stitch marker, then:

Row 1:  1ch, dc in same st, 8dc.
Row 2: 1ch, skip 1, 6dc, 2dc tog.
Row 3: 1ch, dc in same st, 6dc.


Make a Magic Loop then:

Round 1: (3ch, ss into loop) 5 times.
Cut yarn and pull loop tight.

Use the yarn tails from the star to tie the star to the tree and create a hanging loop.
Pin out face down and spray with starch, or paint with glue to stiffen.

: :

You could do what you like with these once you've made them up.  I'm using mine to add a decorative touch to my present wrapping, but you could string them into bunting to drape about, hang them on the tree, even use them as coasters if you had a thicker yarn.  Ooh, I might try that!

I hope you have fun with them and feel free to tag me to a pic on IG, I'd love to see what you do.

(Thank you once again to Melisa of @coffeepaperyarn for the inspiration!)

S x




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