Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'm going to slope off a little early this year...

I normally hang around a bit longer than this and I normally post a little sort of 'crafty round up' of my makes at the end of each year but this time I'm going to break with that tradition.  I'm sort of sad about that but on the other hand, I kind of feel like spending a bit of time doing not much too.

It's been a funny old year again, full of amazing highs and yet not quite the shortage of lows I was hoping for after the rollercoaster that was last year.   Still, mostly it's just been a year that's been packed to the rafters.  I've been trying to build in some down time all year but it's felt rather like digging a hole in wet sand, as fast as I can scoop it out, I find it all filling up again.  

As ever though, many of my highs have been the happy result of this strange of world of crafting and blogging.  There's only one thing to put that down to and it's you lovely lot.  As you are very well aware, I do love to come up with little crochet concoctions and I think I'll always love to do that whatever happens.  But the fact that you are interested in what I'm doing and have even wanted to make some of them for yourselves, well, that's nothing short of mind blowing really.

It's something that really never stops amazing me and I really appreciate your generous comments and support so, so much.  It's something that deserves a huge...

T   !

Because you're awesome.

: :

Well I shall leave you now and go and put my feet up.  I'll be back in January some time. 

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, if that's what you do and a happy holiday if you don't.  A nice safe warm one, or a chilled cool one, which ever is most suitable for your little corner of the world.  And many good wishes for a very happy New Year too.

S x