Cozy Petal Cowl

Goodness it's turned cold here.  Frosts are making the mornings pretty and crisp for us and we've even have a sprinkling of snow.  It didn't stay long, much to the disgust of Little Miss who has been eagerly awaiting some to play in for ages but Bertie took full advantage by frolicing around in it and trying to eat as much as possible.  Quite hilarious!

As usual, the main upside of the cold  is the opportunity of wrapping up in lots of lovely woolies.  This soft and light cowl that I knitted up during the Christmas break has now had a lot of wear.  I seem to be obsessed with pinks lately.  So many of my recent yarny purchases feature pink and I find I'm being drawn to it again and again.  It must be my current 'colour crush'.

I also seem to be in the grips of a bit of a knitting phase at the moment too.  Obviously the needles are never very far away anyway but I seem to be drawn to lots and lots of knits lately.  Often ones that I really wish I could crochet, just because I know it'd be so much quicker if I could!

This is made with the oh so wonderful 'Alpaca Sock' from the clever Maya of The Wool Barn on Etsy.  It's the same yarn I used for my Victoria shawl (which I talk about it here if you are interested) and I love it.   It's utterly soft and squishy with almost a silky quality about it.  A joy to work with.

It made for a fairly mindless knit, once the pattern was established.  Just the thing for relaxing with which is of course, precisely what I was after at the time.

I was very pleased to learn a new technique in the process, which nicely neatened up the edges between my purl and knit stitches.  Have you ever had that problem where the edge knit stitches kind of flair out when they are next to purl stitches?  I have and it's always annoyed me.  I'm now quite sure how, but I managed to come across this fantastic post on TechKnitting which shows you four different methods to use for fixing the problem.

I went with method 4 and not only did it work like a charm, after a round or two of knitting it felt very easy and natural to incorporate into my knitting.  I absolutely must try to remember to use it again soon to cement it in my mind for future.


Pattern: Mira's Cowl by Mira Cole
Yarn: Alpaca sock in 'Petal' by The Wool Barn

Ravelry Page

All this talk about warm woolies and I realise that I find myself lacking them at the moment.  A situation that I must pop off and remedy at once I think!

S x