Ummm... Here's something!

I'd originally planned to record another podcast today.  It's half term here but Little Miss is off on one of her 'own a pony' days which will keep her occupied down at the stables for a while and so I thought that would be the perfect time to fit one in.  It turns out though that I'm not really sure if I'm coming or going today.  I've lost track of what I've shown you so far and what I've finished or worked on since we last spoke and I think I'd better organise my thoughts a little before I attempt to film anything!

We're house hunting at the moment and it seems to take up an enormous amount of time and brainpower trying to see what's out there and if it will be suitable for what we want.  I'm left feeling a little all over the place to be honest.  The other thing I can't quite figure out is why two weeks ago my house looked absolutely immaculate in preparation for prospective viewings and yet somehow it now looks like a complete tip again?  How can this be?

Ahh well, for now let's forget all of that and focus on something that I know you definitely haven't seen before, which is this handy dandy little pouch I made last week.  I made it with sock knitting in mind as that's something I'm indulging in rather a lot lately.  Up until recently I'd been using one of my little zip up pouches, but it wasn't really quite tall enough and so there was always the ever present danger that yarn and zip may have an unhappy meeting.  Not what you want.

I think I selected these aqua and navy prints from stash with a view to making this pouch about six months ago and they have been sitting patiently on my desk ever since, such is the glacial speed of my progress down the creative to-do list these days!  When I did finally manage to reserve myself a precious sewing time though I thought adding in a little pink would be just the thing to jazz it up a bit.

I also decided to add some little pockets to the front of the pouch and folks, this idea was genius (she said modestly.)  They are so useful though.  As you can see, the perfect spot for the scissors to rest where they will always be found and I'm using the other for my yarn band at the moment but I've discovered that it's equally useful for shoving the cable needle into between rows.

As usual, I like to add a few decorative twiddles to keep me happy.  This time I added lace, ribbon, buttons and patches.  The pink fabric had cherries and strawberries, too cute to leave off if you ask me.

 And last of all, an indulgent two stage lining.  I like to leave the yarn cake in the pouch as I knit.  It makes it so much easier to ditch everything back in the bag with speed and get it safely out of reach of the puppers when the doorbell goes or the child starts screaming or something.

So as I was planning to fold the top edge of the pouch over to act as a nice little yarn bowl to knit out of, I decided that a two tone effect with the lining would be a nice way to keep the visual interest going while the bag was in 'action mode' so to speak.  It's the small things that please me, I can't deny it.

I'm quite pleased with it I have to say, it keeps it's shape nicely in the yarn bowl formation and it's really easy to just grab and sinch together when I want to up and move location.  It doesn't hurt that I think it turned out quite pretty either.

I should probably go and tidy up or clean something before I have to go and collect my girl, but let's face it, we both know that this precious time could be used for something altogether more crafty and fun.  In fact, I think I can hear my sewing machine calling me...

S x