Some Easter Things...

There have been some very definite signs of Spring over the holidays here.  Cheerful daffs have been swaying in the breeze, my tulips are starting to burst forth and we've seen and felt the warmth of the sun a little too.

April has lived up to it's reputation and brought many showers.  In classic English style, it's been a mixture of a brisk, saturating downpour followed by a the sun breaking through the clouds and attempting to dry everything out again.  It actually makes a very nice change to be having absolutely typical weather, unseasonable seems to have been the normal for far too long.

The schools have gone back in my part of the world today and I have to say, although I've enjoyed this holiday, I am completely ready for it to be over now and for the warm comfort of routine to take over.  It's been nice to stay in pyjamas half the morning or play games and lounge about but there comes a point where you just want to get on with something constructive.

Having said that, I haven't been totally idle during the break... almost, but not totally.
I've been beavering away on my second Painted Roses blanket like a woman possessed and hoorah and hooray, it's finally complete.  I'm so happy to say that!

I'll need to get all the relevant information and details together before I'm ready to share that one with you properly, not to mention take some photos, but I've scattered a few tempting tidbits about this post to give you an idea of things to come....

I did mean to get a chance to get another podcast out during the holidays too, but tricky technology and lack of organization got the better of me there, so that's another thing I'll hope to address now that I'm getting myself back into the saddle again.

Still, for all that I haven't managed to accomplish during the holidays I'm pleased to say that I did enjoy a little relaxation.  We had a few days of action and activity, Little Miss had a couple of Pony Day's booked in, her absolute favourite way to spend her time.  We also went swimming, saw family and went on some lovely walks with the dog too.

I never realised how long it took to get these pups up to speed on the walking front.  Apparently it's not good for his joints to do too much too soon.  He's finally getting big enough that we can take him for a reasonable walk though and I'm looking forward to the summer when he'll be able to go further.  We've been exploring different places to take him and sussing out walks that combine with a park, good bike trails and picnic spots.  It'll make for some cheap days out when the warmer weather really starts to make it's mark.

Other than that it's been mostly home grown fun.  Lots of lovely slouching, much chocolate eating, some board games, plenty of pretending games and lets just say the Harry Potter channel has come in handy too.  Lunch and a film has become de rigeur in the Cherry Heart household.

Happily it makes for some good crafting time too!

S x