My First Socks

So here goes, my very first sock pattern.

I've screwed up my courage and am taking that leap today.  I hope it's ok, I hope you like it.

I've tried to write this pattern to be a starting point if you've never knit a pair of socks before.  There are so many sock patterns out there, it's hard to know quite where to leap in.  I'm hoping this will be that place.

I've based the pattern mostly on my preferred way of making a sock, cuff down, knitting in the round using magic loop, with a flap and gusset heel.  While at the same time, tried to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.  The construction techniques in this sock are some of the most widely used techniques, so it should give you lots of confidence to go and try lots more sock patterns once you've completed this one.

What I've tried to do is provide a little more help and guidance than a standard sock pattern.  So I've explained each part of the sock step by step and added in tips to help along the way.  I've also included lots of pictures to make things a little clearer and so you can check everything is going to plan.

This pattern won't teach you all the techniques a knitter will need to be able to knit a sock.
The chances are that you might come across something you've not tried before and so I've included some links to useful YouTube tutorials to help you learn any unfamiliar techniques.

If you are already a knitter and just want to have a go at socks, hopefully you'll find this will guide you through the process smoothly, with just that extra reassurance to make sure you are on track.

If you are a new or beginner knitter then don't be put off.  Yes, there might be a few more techniques for you to get to grips with but a smaller project like a sock is the ideal learning place and your new skills will open up a multitude of knitting opportunities.

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by Sandra Paul

For more details please see the 'My First Socks' pattern page

(yarn recommendations, needle requirements, sock construction, stitches and techniques)

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I hope you enjoy the pattern!

S x