Procrastination Sewing

I'm pretty sure my plan for this week was to get my 'how to knit your first pair of socks' pattern finalised and released.  I've also been working on a little review of some sock needles that I mentioned I'd do too.  I'm so close to the finish line with both of those things and yet, I find that I've started to dither and procrastinate about actually releasing showing them to the world.... Do you ever have that problem too?

Somehow, the feet get a little cold and I start to worry.  Worry that it was a bad idea, worry that I've done it horribly wrong, worry that there's so much stuff out there, why does the world need mine too?
You'd think that would go away and stop happening after a while wouldn't you?  That you'd get used to it and feel more confident and assured.  Maybe you do... I admire you if so.

Normally at some point I just grit my teeth, screw up my courage, and try and pretend that that simple mouse click on the 'publish' button is no different from any other mouse click.  I'm sure I'll manage to do that again.... but, let's leave it till next week.

In the meantime though, I thought it'd share a little bit of sewing that I managed to do before half-term.  For some reason I seem to find sewing hard to fit in at the moment, even though it's certainly not for lack of things I'd like to make.  This little idea has been on the creative to do list for a long while and the reason I opted to go for it first is because of the incredibly low level of effort and skill required to make it.  

It's a complete scrap fest of a project.  No worrying about exact cutting and matching sizes, just rifling through the box of scraps, plucking out likely looking contenders and stitching them together as I mood took me.  Just what I needed at the time.  I suppose I really ought to mention what it is I was actually attempting to achieve with all this happy scrappy sewing activity....

I have one of those Ikea Råskog carts that have turned out to be popular with us crafty sorts.   I think they were originally designed to be primarily a kitchen accessory but like most things Ikea they are eminently adaptable and can be used in a multitude of ways.  This particular cart is just brilliant for storing all sorts of things and the genius touch of the wheels on the bottom make it easy to move around to wherever you need it most.  Super handy in the sewing room.

Anyway, it being a metal cart, things do tend to clang and rattle around a bit, especially as I have a few tins and jars in the top of mine.  So my idea (finally!) was to make a sort of fabric draw liner to insert in the top layer to cushion all the harder bits and bobs that I store there to be in easy reach.  Practical but with the utterly essential added bonus of making it look even more pretty as well. 

It was a cinch to whip up and once I had enough scraps sewn together I just added a layer of quilt wadding and some backing fabric and it was good to go!

The only thing left was the all important arrangement of the things as they found their way back into the cart.  To be honest, before I made this liner the thing was rather stuffed to the gills with sewing nick knackery and I wanted to present you with something a little more desirable for your viewing pleasure.  So I tidied and pruned a bit for the photos.  I mean, if you are going to have a pretty lining you want to be able to take advantage of it a bit don't you?

So, I confess that the photos here are a little 'staged'.  However, I enjoyed the look of the photo version so much I really wanted to try and keep it that way.  For the sake of practicality and usefulness I had to add a few more essentials, but this is the honest and 'real world' look I have at the moment.

Not too bad I didn't think?  The challenge is to keep it that way of course...

S x