The bottom of the barrel

Once again I find myself in a position of having very little of crafty substance to show you at the moment.  My productivity rate has slowed to a snail's pace and to be honest, I'm struggling to motivate myself to much more right now.

It's almost as if we've had weeks of stifling hot weather, the kind where you can't move without breaking into a sweat and the only thing you can summon the energy to do is switch on a fan and lie in it's path.  But that's sadly far from the truth here in my corner of the world.

So I have sifted through the photographic archives and have found a long lost sewing project that didn't get to have it's day in the bloggy sun when it was all fresh and new.  I was a bit surprised to discover that this has actually been languishing since May of last year.  Oops!  Oh well, better late than never...

I'm not quite sure what you would call it really?  I wouldn't call it a bag I don't think, but then is it a basket, a bucket, a bin, a tote maybe
?  Who knows...

I can't in all honestly remember my precise motivation for making the thing now but I think it came from me wanting that nice open and easy access to multiple balls of wool that a basket can give you, but without that rigidity that makes a basket quite difficult to store if it's not immediately needed.

It doesn't close, so all that it holds is easy to see and get to.  It's quite roomy and holds plenty of lovely yarny colours inside and it's got handles too, so it's easy for me to grab it and go.  With retrospect I think it might have benefited from a few internal pockets.  I do love a pocket or two.   But there's always next time and all in all, it's a handy little whatever it is.

At the moment it's keeping my stash of unused Happy Scrappy Blanket leftovers and minis together, ready for when I next decide to set aside some time for that.

It's been the perfect thing for holding all those little wound up bits of colourful joy.  I can just dip in, rustle around and see what comes out next.  Fun!

S x