Friends Around the World CAL

I'm very pleased today to be part of something rather big and rather special happening in the world of crochet.  I also have the pleasure of welcoming some lovely new folks to my blog today too.  Hi!

In case you don't know what all this is about, let me explain a little...

Earlier this year I was flattered to be asked to join a talented group of crocheters and designers arranging a special Crochet Along called the 'Friends Around the World Anniversary CAL'.  An idea that has set up and organized by the wonderful people behind the 'CAL - Crochet Along' group on Facebook, which in case you don't know is a great way to find out about and get involved in current crochet alongs.

Their rather splendid notion was to was to create a blanket CAL that would made up of different crocheted blocks, each to be a unique pattern dreamt by some wonderful and well loved crochet designers.

It's an idea that is not only to mark the anniversary of Crochet Along FB group, which has already grown to an impressive 24 thousand strong, but also to celebrate the truly worldwide nature of the membership.  The CAL team have therefore managed to arrange to translate every single block pattern included in the CAL into no less than ten different languages!

So now that you know what this rather special project is all about, let me waste no time in sharing my little contribution to it and that's my 'Compass Points' Square.

We were asked to design something that would be fairly simple and so I have kept my stitches as straightforward as possible.  The most complicated, the Puff Stitch, I would call a intermediate level, so if you would like some more help with that one you can find my Puff Stitch tutorial here.

I also wanted to reflect the worldwide nature of this project and so I decided a block including every compass direction would fit rather nicely.  So, whether you be in the North, South, East or West, I hope you'll enjoy whipping up this block and being a part of this CAL.



Available in English (US Terms) and
Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (coming soon), German, Hebrew, Korean, Spanish, Swedish

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