Gearing up and kicking back...

The summer holidays are finally here.

Time to kick back, relax and take things slow for a while.

It's only the first week and somehow I haven't really eased into it yet.  What exactly should my routine be when I don't have to get up at a certain time, leave the house at a certain time and generally run my day to suit the schedule of others?  Somehow I feel freer and lighter than I normally would, like nothing is set in stone and we are free to do what we like.  Which we are I guess.  It's nice.

Little Miss has been enjoying the novelty of having her days free too, and so far, has been occupying herself quite a lot of the time.  I'll find her tucked away somewhere busy reading, drawing or with the ipad.  She asked to bake biscuits the other day and was quite happy to get on with it alone, that was a new development.  She did a good job too.

Funnily enough, now it's time to take it easy, I'm feeling a bit like my energy levels have started to rise a little.  Strange timing.  Still, maybe they will be right up by the time the holiday is over!

We've also been gearing up to the idea of making some changes around here.

If you've been reading lately, you might know that we had been planning on a house move soon but if you've also been watching my podcast, particularly the last one, you might also know that the move is now off!  I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say a spanner or two found it's way into the works and it's not going to be happening now.  

It was a bit of a blow at first as you can imagine but now a little time has passed and the dust has settled I'm feeling pretty chipper about the situation.  Really.  I do still love this old place after all and although she may not be perfect, the old girl still has plenty of charm as far as I am concerned.

So, best foot forward is now the motto around these parts, as to be honest, she is looking a little tired and worn around the edges.  Definitely in need of a little TLC and a general spruce up I think.  Maybe even a slightly more in depth sprucing might be in order.  I'm thinking of the two toughest rooms... the kitchen and bathroom - urgh!

In the meantime though, we're starting with a slightly easier project which means that I might well be on the move after all.  Just to the end of the garden this time though.

Intriguing eh?

Unfortunately, I must leave you with that tantalising tidbit for now as the reason for this post was actually supposed to be me signing off for a little holiday break.

I'm not planning on doing too much posting in August, there's the  school holidays and we'll be going away too.  So it will mostly likely be fairly quiet around here until September...

I do intend to try and remember to take some Fiber East snaps at the weekend to show you though, and there is a strong possibility of some serious stash enhancement to share too, so I'll try and pop in next week with that.

Have a wonderful and happy crafty summer.
(Or winter or course...)

See you soon!

S x