Taking a Trip - Part One

I was going to tease you but no, I can't keep it in.  Instead, I'll let photo number one announce loud and clear just what I've been up to this weekend.

Yep, I had the good fortune to receive an invite to visit those makers of yarny goodness, Stylecraft.
Pretty cool huh?  As you can imagine, I was a little excited by the prospect of venturing into the heart of such a fibery wonderland.  But to make things even more interesting, the reason for my trip was to take part in a meet-up between a group of very clever and talented blogging ladies, picked out by Stylecraft and dubbed 'Blogstars'.

-: The new and inviting range of 'Batik' colours :-

-: Some Stylecraft masterminds and Miss Lucy, hiding! :-

We had a lovely warm welcome from the clever ladies who mastermind Stylecraft's success and it was wonderful to gain a little insight into their process behind the scenes.  It was fascinating to hear more about the way they formulate their colour palettes and pattern designs, following influences from fashion and trend predictions.

We were shown some wonderful mood boards full of exciting colours and a flavour of things to come later this year.   It was all very inspiring actually and gratifying also to know that, as oblivious and unaware as I feel myself to be of the youthful pursuits of fashion and trend, I have been finding myself thinking of garments in shapes very like some of those presented.  Prehaps I'm not so adrift from the 'now' as I thought.

-: The gorgeous 'A Yarn Story' Palette :-

The offices are based in a working yarn mill in Slaithwaite and although most of the favourite Stylecraft brands we know and love are no longer produced there, yarn from their sister company 'Yarn Stories' does indeed originate from inside those walls.  Along with some very fine and luxurious pure lambswool 'Slaith' clothing.

Unfortunately, arriving at the weekend, I didn't actually get to see the mill in action, but I did get to enjoy some lovely eye candy while I was there and my fellow 'Blogstar' Kathryn of Crafternoon Treats wrote a lovely piece about the mill after her visit last year, if you fancy a little more insight.

There's also a Stylecraft Blogstars page where you can find all the clever crafty folk I met and read their stories too.

As well as getting the opportunity to find out more about Stylecraft, meet and spend some time chatting with some lovely ladies, many of whom I've been following over the ether for years, it was yet another joy of the day to walk out of the building carrying way more than when I went in.

Yes, I was the benefactor of much generosity that day and as it's safe to say that I received more than enough to go around, I have plans to spread a little crafty love out to you too.
Some sort of giveaway seems very much in order.

I shall ponder on that and let you know more soon.....

S x