Taking a Trip - Part Two

As part of my jolly jaunt to Stylecraft, we decided to tack on a little family trip too.

The Hubs and Child shared a fairly modest ambition of both wanting to spend time in a hotel, using the facilities, lounging about in the room and the pinnacle of the event apparently, ordering room service.
Personally, I can think of better ways to spend your time when you've travelled over three hours to an completely different area of the country, but each very much to their own I suppose.

This seemed like a good time to indulge their whims, as they could make as much of the hotel as they wished while I was more happily occupied elsewhere.  So while I chatted yarn with like minded souls, they swam, lounged and feasted to their heart's content.

Once I was back however, I felt that leaving the hotel really could open up their horizons, so we ventured out into the wider world.  We were staying on the edge of Leeds, and although I had visions of visiting that fair city for a while, they had already formulated other plans.  It turns out they had cooked up a scheme to go to the local Xscape instead!  We live about 30 miles from one of these strange places and with all of Yorkshire on their doorstep, this is the place they choose?  

Although I wasn't particularly impressed with their limited vision, they had agreed to keep my company on this trip and so I decided to keep my thoughts to myself and go along with their plans.

It turned out to be more fun than I anticipated.  The Glow in the Dark '4D' golf was an oversell that didn't really live up to it's exciting claims but we giggled our way around it nonetheless.  The odd bungy rope/trampoline combinations that seem omnipresent at these places, on this occasion took my daughters normally timid and reserved eye and she decided to take the plunge on one.

This will seem a minor thing to most of you no doubt, but for my girl this is a big deal.  She was cautious at first but luckily the staff were understanding and after a tentative start she grew braver and more bold.  She ended up loving it and was so pleased with herself for doing it.  That alone made it worth going. 

My tastes were a little better met on the way home though.  After a few hours driving and with tummies rumbling, Hubs suggested we stop off at Stamford for lunch.  An excellent idea as it was a lovely little place.  Full of beautiful buildings, interesting and different little shops to explore.

I could have stayed longer but it was a nice break to the journey and I did manage to snag a little shopping too.  We capped it all off with a delicious tea shop lunch to keep our strength up before we continued on our way homewards.

It was a successful trip, something for everyone but there's no place like home.

S x