A bit of a Liberty

At last I'm here with something a little more creative to show you, a sewing make, hurrah!

I made this before the holidays actually, after being inspired by two favourite bloggers, Little Bobbins and Sew Sweet Violet.  Joules (from SSV) is a hug Liberty fan and seeing her podcast and all the lovely things in her shop reminded me just how lovely a little Liberty Lawn can be.  Then there was Dani and her Mum (from LB) chatting away about their embroidery course and showing what they'd made since which was completely inspiring too.

All of which gave me the urge to put both those elements together in a project somehow.  I decided to make another little project bag, mostly for sock knitting.  I have plenty already but I rotate them regularly so that they all get used and I can find space for another.

Sewing is always a bit of a mental workout for me.  I either fret over the actual construction, or the fabric placement or the all important little extras.  The pretty frippery that I love to add, which make the whole thing worth while and yet, I sometimes really struggle over.

Happily the decorative part of this flowery number came together a little more easily than most.  Largely due to the inspiring works that got me started in the first place.  The strip of Liberty for the drawstring section at the top was a sort of half hearted experiment, but as is often the way, worked out much better than many of my well thought intentions.  Once I'd marked out the pleasing swagging type effect to embroider around the top the thing fell into place quite nicely.

I sort of threw everything at this one in a way I suppose.  The Liberty and the linen, the embroidery and the buttons, ribbons, lace and the cap it off, two fabrics for the lining!  I do like the luxury of a pretty touch on the inside to catch a peek of as I reach in, or even to put on show when I fold the top down to knit...

It's one of those very satisfying makes that came out as well as I had hoped it would and maybe even a tiny little bit better.  That doesn't happen all that often so it's to be savoured I reckon!

S x




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