Craft Room Shuffle, The Reveal!

Today I thought it was time to show you what I've been cooking up in my new crafty space.  I showed you the work in progress stage earlier this month and now the time has come for The Big Reveal!

I'll grab the key and then why don't you follow me and we'll take a little walk up the garden and I'll give you a tour of my new space, starting with a tantalising peek through the door....

What do you think?  Should we go in and see a little more?

I think so too.

Step through and look to the right and this is what you'll see...

The chair setup is fairly unchanged from my old craft room but it now it has the added bonus of being in a great spot to catch some lovely early rays of sun in Spring (I hope) and I can look out over the garden while I hook or knit away, which is nice in theory.  I just need to work out how to spend more time sitting there.

On the other side of the chair is a pretty Ikea cabinet that I inherited with the room.  When we originally intended this room to be used as a lovely little summer sitting place, I choose this cabinet as somewhere to store some unspecified pretty nick knacks but it ended up being a tv stand and general dumping ground.  It's quite nice to reclaim it from that fate and fill it with lots of crafty goodies instead.

I'm slightly worried about leaving the fabrics open to 'sun fade' behind those glass doors, so some mini  curtains may be in order but I can't quite bring myself to obscure them just yet and anyway I'm sewing my way through a list of requests from the rest of the family at the moment!

Let's turn around now and have a quick look at the other end of this crafty cabin of mine.  This is pretty much the rest of the view that you'd have available if you sat in my little seat by the door, once you'd finished looking out the window of course...

The shelves will look familiar, little has changed about those from the old craft room and deliberately so.  (See previous post!)  I don't know quite why but having something exactly the same in this new room seemed to be essential and comforting to me.

The sewing desk is actually brand new, although as it's identical to the one I left behind there's not much to shout about there.  As the Hubs has commandeered my old room as his office, he needed a desk anyway and constructing the new one in here saved the effort of lugging the old one about.

But, a whole 18 months after getting the original desk, I have finally managed to get something approaching order in the draws.  Thanks to my Hubs, who managed to get his office set up in military fashion. I took a tip from his book and got a similar organizational, compartmentalising do-dad for my draws too.  Well the top one at least.  It actually works quite well.

What is new is the itty bitty computer desk in the corner.
It's another Ikea one.  Do you know, I think this whole place is kitted out in Ikea wears now that I come to think about it, down the the little cart, the silver lamps and even those curtains.  Huh, I didn't realise that before!  

Anyway, having this little little extra space dedicated to all things computer is fantastic.  In my old room I just using my sewing desk, which was absolutely fine but it did mean a fair amount of clearance work before any sewing could commence.  Having this little extra space just for tapping away is a pure luxury and quite frankly an attractive bribe which helped convince me to abandon my previous cozy crafty home.

Well, I think that's everything.

What do you think?  Will I be happy out here?

It's very strange at the moment, it all feels rather odd and I'm not used to it yet.  I keep leaving things in the house that I need up here and vice versa.  I'm enjoying being able to leave the doors open while I work when it's nice but dashing up my garden carrying a laptop in the rain is less fun.

It's a bit of an adjustment, let's just say that but I'm sure it's a positive one all things considered and I know I'm very lucky to have such a place to call my own.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed visiting me here and having a look around!

S x

Scarf Update...

Thank you for all the lovely enquires about the 'Going to Wales' scarf, I'm just scribbing out a few notes on the pattern so any of you that wanted to can make your own version.
Coming soon!




  1. Your room is heavenly. I can only dream about having a crafty room of my own. Occupying a corner of the living room is challenging and fraught with worries about clutter. We have an open deck just on the other side of sliding doors and I wish the construction fairy godfather would come down and build it into a little crafty room for me! I am so envious of yours! As Ed Sheeran would say (sing) -- it's "Perfect."