Bali Wrap Pattern

Looking at this picture takes me right back to summer.

Do you remember my post from July where I was making up these colourful flowers while hiding in the shade as the sun blazed down during a brief heatwave?  Ahh, it seems so long ago now...

But then again, that post was written exactly three months ago and today I'm here to release the pattern.  Three months?  That's lightning speed by my standards folks.  I've been averaging a year or so for project to pattern turnaround just lately so I'm feeling like a real dynamo right now! 

I suppose if I was anything like organised I'd be planning these things in advance, working on winter projects while in summer and vice versa.  Isn't that what professionals do?  But I'm afraid I'm much more likely to go with the flow and listen to the weather when it comes to getting creative.  Oh well, if it's getting colder here, that means elsewhere in the world it's getting warmer, so maybe it's ok.

Plus the fact, as inspired by sunny climes as this wrap is, you really need a bit of chill in the air before you fancy encasing you upper regions in the woolly stuff, so I guess it all works out in the end.

 I've spoken about this wrap on my podcast before, so you may know a little about it already, but to bring you up to speed if you don't already know, here's a little background for you.   The yarn (Batik DK) was actually gifted to me at the Stylecraft Blogstars get together earlier this year and although I loved the beautiful assortment of colours we received nothing quite popped into my head as the perfect thing to use it for, so I started to play instead.

I tried a few different ideas but it wasn't until I hit upon these flowers that I had the warm and fuzzy feeling that I was on the right track.  'Bingo!' my inner voice seemed to say.  For some reason, it's the joining of these motifs that really speaks to me this time, I just love the extra patterns the corners make as they come together.  Well, it's the small things, what can I say?

Once that was sorted everything fell into place.

The name of Bali seemed so very appropriate for this wrap.  The name of the yarn, 'batik' is a dying process that originated in Indonesia and my bright and bold flowers would be right at home in the tropical warmth of those islands too.   I don't suppose there is too much call for a wrap like this in those parts but I do love the idea that I can cary a touch of that warmth with me this winter.

To celebrate the new pattern release and add a little Bali brightness to these increasingly colder days, I thought I'd do a little introductory discount too.  So if you fancy a go at this pattern and you want to snap up a copy now you can get a 20% discount.  

Sandra Paul

Bali Wrap Pattern

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I do hope you enjoy the pattern and as always, if you spot a problem please do let me know.

I'd also love to see what you do with yours...

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