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 One of the many joys of my trip to Fibre East this year, was finding the lovely Basket Basket stand.  I'd spied it the previous year but unfortunately the budget was long since blown by the time I came across the selection of colourful and pretty baskets.  This time things were different and I had a fine old time browsing amongst the woven goodies that Virginia, the owner, had brought with her.

Now I do love a fabric project bag as much as the next person, and for knitting, that's what I use most often to store my current wip.  When it comes to crochet though, I'm nearly always mixing quite a few colours and for me that's when the basket beats the bag hands down.   A basket will hold an awful lot of yarn and that's very handy when you are working on a big project like a blanket of course, but best of all, it will obligingly stay wonderful upright and open allowing all the glorious colours to stay nice and visible and just a hands stretch away while you work.  Perfect.

I decided to treat myself to a couple of Virigina's lovely baskets that day.  Firstly I wanted a lovely big open basket and plumped for one in a sort of French market style, with the natural creamy colour on the outside and a pretty flowery lining on the inside.  I've been using this one for yarny projects of course, but it's been very handy to use as a large handbag too.  I can get everything in on days when there's lots to cart about.

I also fell for with this 'barrel basket'.  I just love the shape of it and the fact it's got those cute little round handles on the side.  It's going to be great to use when I'm working on a crochet shawl or even for knitted socks and will be so easy to pick up and relocate to wherever it is I've decided to curl up and stitch for a bit, which is rather an essential feature for me.  At the moment though it's happily storing some of the other Fibre East goodies and it looks very nice doing that too.

But actually, what I want to talk to you about most today is this beautiful basket here that I was given to review.  This is the Bosaka Shopping Basket and it's made in Madagascar.   Now the thing that attracted me most to this particular basket, apart from the fact it looked so pretty in these pink and blue colours, is the way it fastens.  It's a little bit different and I think it's really clever.

First of all, it fastens in quite a regular way.  From side to side, between the handles.  Most useful for keeping everything together and makes it a little easier to store too, as it takes up less space this way.  But, it also has a second fastening on either end of the basket opening, which you can use instead if you want to, or better still is slipping this second loop into place too.  That way everything inside is safe and snug, it makes it even easier to carry around and I like how cute it looked that way!

Over the last couple of months I've been taking this little basket out for a bit of a test drive and I have to say, it's proved super useful.  It was an absolute boon on holiday, the perfect beach bag with plenty of space for towels, suncream, sunglasses, drinks and everything else a family needs.

We used in it the car to hold lunch for the journey and it's been on numerous swimming trips and a few picnics too, it's really a great size for that kind of thing and the double cinching feature is brilliant for swimming lockers!

Last, but definitely not least, it also holds an amazing amount of yarn.  It holds plenty of big 100g balls and it was the perfect thing to store my t-shirt yarn rug when that started to get large and weighty.  At the moment it's stationed by the chair in the craft room holding lots of experimental samples so it's close at hand for a big wip I'm working on at the moment.

But the very best thing of all is that, as part of this review of mine, Virginia of Basket Basket has kindly allowed me to offer you a chance to win one of these baskets for yourself.  So exciting!

All you need to do is leave a comment here on the blog letting me know what you'd like to use your basket for.  Do take a moment to check out the Basket Basket site and while you are there, have a look at the five colours this basket comes in, as you'll get to choose the colour of your basket if you win.

UK only


Bosaka Shopping Basket
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to enter...

 Leave a comment below and tell me

what would you use your basket for?

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18th Oct 2016 - This giveaway is now closed - Thanks for playing!

The competition will close on Monday 17th October 2016 at midnight (GMT)
I'll draw a winner from the comments below and announce it here on the blog

Edited to add:
Oh my goodness, in my excitement I forgot to say that the giveaway is open to UK residents only!
I do apologise for the confusion.

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I received the pink and blue Bosaka Shopping Basket only free of charge for this review however all opinions given are my own.