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Welcome to my stop on this year's Stylecraft Blog Tour.

Yesterday the Stylecraft Tour visited my fellow Blogstar and crocheter extraordinaire, Sue Pinner on her colour packed internet home and tomorrow the Blog Train will be moving on to the equally vibrant and joyous Le Monde de Sucrette, where you'll have fun with Angie.  I feel like the tasty filling in the most wonderful crochet sandwich!

So for taking the time to come and visit me here at Cherry Heart and this is your first time in my little bloggy corner then I do hope you take a look around and find something to enjoy.  And to those who have visited me before, a warm welcome back my friends.

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We're celebrating the Stylecraft Special range on this tour and I'm sure many of you will be familiar with the beautiful Special DK version in it's rainbow of 70 plus colours.  But how often to you use it's companion yarns in Aran and Chunky weights?

Personally, it's not something I've often done myself and you'll probably guess the reason why when I tell you that up until now there have only been 30 choices in these weightier versions.  Now, I agree that thirty does seem like a reasonable number of colours to choose from, but I'm greedy when it comes to the yarn spectrum and I think that this is a case where 'the more, the merrier' definitely applies.

When Stylecraft told me they are going to be adding another 6 colours to the Aran and Chunky ranges I have to say, I thought it sounded like a very good thing.  The new colours will be ones you'll know and love from the Special DK range, Gold, Spice, Storm Blue, Sage, Pistachio and Empire.

Stylecraft have made up two different colour packs using a selection of these new colours and some favourites from the existing range.  I was lucky enough to get one of these packs in Aran weight to test out and you'll get a chance to win a yarn pack for yourself later in this post.

To put my yarn to the test I choose my new Bobbing Along pattern.  I had this pattern filling my mind at the time as was right in the depths of writing it when the pack dropped through my door.

Inspired by the colours in my pack, I decided to try a different style of stripy approach and bunch colours together to attempt to create a sort of landscape.  The idea was waves of blue sea at the bottom, fading into green hills, with a golden sunset turning to rose, then blue skies above....

Squint your eyes up.  Do you see it?  Humm, I not sure either!

I do still quite like this mini blanket but I'm not quite sure how well my little landscape plan worked out.

It did make me long to use those wonderful seascape colours to create a real ocean of stripes though, so I made a second blanket mixing each stripe colour up just as I did when I made the original version of the blanket.

This time I think things worked out a little better....

Yes, I think this one makes me much happier.  I feel I could be bobbing along with those stripes and be quite content for a nice long while.

I have to say too, that I loved working with this thicker aran (almost worsted) weight yarn a lot.  Those stripes grew nice and quickly using this yarn and I'm very taken with that increase in speed and productivity.  I like the end results too.  It's looks every bit as good as the Special DK that I'm used to of course, but the extra thickness to the yarn just gives a touch more squish to the finished object.

I really pleased that the range of colours is growing and I hope it continues to grow because I can easily see me wanting to make my next blanket project in aran weight.

If you fancy having a go with these lovely colours and trying out the Special Aran for yourself too, then why not enter the giveaway below.

Good luck!

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Stylecraft Special Aran Yarn Pack 

Win 10 beautiful skeins:

Empire, Aster, Denim, Storm Blue, Sage, Meadow, Pistachio, Saffron, Pale Rose, Silver
 (New colours shown in bold)

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Remember to follow the Blog Tour to Le Monde de Sucrette tomorrow for another chance to win

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