Reading Cushions

It's all about cushions this week it seems.

My last post featured my Ring of Roses cushions and it was in the making of those that the next set were planned.  After we decided the house move was off in summer we turned our thoughts to what we might do around this place to spruce things up a bit.  We've got quite the list of projects that we want to work through but we've managed to tick a few things off too.

High up on the agenda was making a new and improved room for Little Miss.  You know how it is with these children, always moving onwards and upwards and their requirements are always evolving.  On the tippy top of her wish list was a desk of her own and she was in desperate need of a new wardrobe too.  So many long dresses trailing on the floor of her now, much too short one.

So, a re-vamp and a shuffle were in order.  She wanted to choose everything of course and so we collected wallpaper samples and painted patches on the walls.  Looked in lots of wardrobes and sat at various desks.  Purple and pink are still very much the top dog in the world of colour as far as Little Miss is concerned and so plenty of those feature in the new scheme.  She plumped for a quite sophisticated wallpaper of birds and flowers and a beautiful minty green paint too which does just enough to relieve the 'princess kingdom' feel of the pinks I think.

We managed to fit a little desk in, Ikea coming up trumps again on that one.  That's our third, we do love an Ikea work station around here it seems.  The icing on the cake though, even if I do say so myself, is something of my own invention.

She has one of those cabin beds, you know the kind with draws and storage underneath?  It also has a big empty space right in the middle, with shelves.  Up til now that area has just been a bit of a dumping ground for various toys and games in progress but I thought that there must be a better way to use it....

Little Miss is a great reader, she has a lot of books and she will get lost to the world when she gets into a story.  I remember that feeling.  The escape of it, the excitement of possibilities as a tale unfolded.
So what better than a secret little place to go and hide away from the world and be surrounded by lovely books to read?  Yes, we made a cozy little den for her.  Would you like to see? 

 I've been given a special dispensation to show you this, we may never get the chance again, so lets be quick and have a peek...

First we needed a curtain, to keep things private of course.  Again, all down to the lady in question's personal preferences. She plumped for hearts and a beautiful, but annoying to sew, shimmery pink affair, which lines the inside of the curtain.

Next we needed something soft and squishy to curl up on.  Hard wooden planks are not what is wanted for any length of reading enjoyment and so we got some big foam pads and I made a cover for those.  That was interesting.  Not something I'd done before, but I managed to cobble something reasonable together.

Some atmospheric fairy lights and something to read by were a must and of course, the finishing touches to make everything cozy, blankets and cushions galore.  We enjoyed some fun shopping for those but she also wanted something made by me which is quite touching.

When she saw the other round cushions in progress, that's what she asked for and so I happily whipped up some more for her.  I stuck with the same roses and leaves for one of them, but we thought maybe something different for the other so I suggested the hearts which she approved of.

I'm very pleased that she is absolutely in love with how it all came out and it's her favourite place to be now.  She always spends a little time squirreled away in there before she has to settle down for the night and will often pop in there at the weekends too.

It's such an inviting and cozy looking little hideaway, I don't blame her, I quite fancy doing the same!

S x