Ring of Roses

It is a little miserable here today, the skies are grey and it's rather damp and dingy all round.
This week seems to be turning into a week of unrewarding problem sorting and appointments to be kept.  It feels unproductive but I suppose it's ticking something off the list.  Which would be more comforting if it wasn't for the fact that none of these things were on the list yesterday!

But before I descend into a fully fledged whinge-fest, let me stop and instead soak up all the beauties in the picture above...  Ahhh, so much better.

These were made a little while ago, I still seem to be shamefully behind on sharing some of my increasingly less recent makes with you.  (Must catch up!)  I think it was all still sunshine and summer fun around these parts when these round bits of eye candy were hooked up and they represent a significant tick off my 'things I want to make one day' list.

Oh yes, I've had these little cushions on my making wish list for the longest time.  Inspired chiefly by two immensely talented and creative souls, who share a name as well as a touch of crafty genius.  Old hands amongst you will know that I have long admired both Heather from Vintage Grey Handmade (IG: @vintagegreyhandmade) and Heather from Pink Milk (IG: @pinkmilk42)

If by some tragic aberration you are not already following the blog and/or IG feeds of either of these two wonderful ladies then I urge you to do so now.  Your creative mind will love you for it.

Yes, the credit for these cushions lies completely and utterly with those clever two and not with me.  I am simply following in the footsteps and I hope, hope, hope that my blatent project plagiarism will be taken as it is intended, as a homage and hats off to those that went before.
Consider my cap respectfully doffed!

(Here's one of Heather's lovely cushions and also one of Heather's)

I made my cushions using Stylecraft's Classic Cotton DK which is utterly perfect for this type of project.  I had a few 100g balls in stash which I used for the solid one colour sides but Stylecraft also sent me some of the newer 50g balls which makes things easier for adding the essential extra touches, like the little flowers and leaves.

I didn't have quite enough to make all four sides in just one colour, so I decided to go for a mix and match effect.  Making one side striped and the other a solid colour.  So both of these cushions are completely double sided and I can turn them about depending on the mood I'm in.

I also wasn't exactly sure where in my house these were going to live.  Truth be told, I got the yarn for these when I had images of a new house in my mind!  Now that we are staying put here, I'm not utterly sure when their final home will be so I decided to keep my options open and made one side brighter and the other side more pastel.

For the time being, they have taken up residence in my Little Crafty House and that seems to suit them quite well and I'm really happy with how they turned out.  At the moment I'm enjoying the more pastel shades best but as it gets colder I think the brighter shades may win out as they will brighten the place a little more....


Ravelry Page

Stylecraft Classic Cotton DK
(See my Ravelry page for more info on colours and yardage)

Edging:  I just made up, but it's just groups of tr's (US dc's) separated with a dc (US sc)
Leaves:  I made mine up, but you can find similar ones included on Attic 24 May Roses pattern above

Also Heather from Pink Milk has a tutorial for her round cushions here

(Big thanks to the lovely ladies at Stylecraft HQ for topping up my stash of Classic Cotton DK)

S x




  1. Bellissimi!! Complimenti quanto sono grandi? Grazie😊