Swapless Swap for minis!

I'm so excited about how things are going with the Happy Scrappy Squares Blanket.  I've had such a wonderful, wonderful time making it and I can't believe that the fun will soon be at an end with this technicolour project.

I know some of you have been inspired to crochet your own Happy Scrappy Squares blankets which is just so exciting and of course there are so many beautiful knitted Cozy Memories blankets being made out there too.  They really are a joy to create.

Best of all of course is a real excuse to get some of those oh so cute and pretty mini skeins.

That's what I want to talk to you about actually, a rather exciting little thing that I've got going on in the Cherry Heart's Cozy Corner right now...

Samples of Havirlands lovely yarns (Photo credit: Carol of Havirland)

A Mini Skein Swapless Swap 

Now, you might be wondering what a 'swapless swap' actually is and it's something rather cool.
It's the answer to the problem of not having enough minis of your own to swap.

Instead of sending in minis, instead you pay to join the swap and in return you'll
receive a beautiful bunch of 10 mini's in the post.  

Each of the 10 minis will have 40 yards of yarn, that's about 10g each.  So for roughly the price of one 100g hank of sock yarn, you'll receive the same amount of yarn but in ten different colourways.

Just perfect for starting of your project, or mixing into one you have on the go.

Best of all, at 10g each you'll probably have enough to use in your blanket again, or to swap for more minis.  It's such a great way to get the 'swapping' ball rolling...

It's a perfect Christmas present to have as a treat for yourself or someone special and I'd love it if you'd like to join in the fun with me.

You can save your place by popping over to the Ravelry thread now...

Swapless Swap Sign Up Thread

You can find full details in the thread above but here's the highlights:

10 x 40 yard mini skeins

$30 for US residents
$35 for Canada residents
$40 for most International residents

That means approximately £33 for UK residents
(Depending on exchange rate of course)

Payment is due by 15th January 2017
Mini's will be posted by 15th February 2016

Samples of Havirlands lovely yarns (Photo credit: Carol of Havirland)

Carol of Havirland makes the most beautiful yarns and I can't wait to see what she has in store for us, but you don't need to take my word for it.  Why not have a look for yourself...

Havirland on Instagram

Havirland on Etsy

Havirland Yarns on Ravelry

: :

Special Thanks to Lisa (Lifefulloflaugh on Ravelry) for organising this fabulous swap for us!

S x

Just to be clear, the photos in this post show only examples,
the ones that will be sent are a surprise!