Ooh, it's getting close now isn't it?  Not many doors to open now!

It's been a lovely week here so far.  The school holidays started early this year and we've taken advantage by enjoying some lovely pre-christmas family time together.  Some trips out and about, soaking up the festive atmosphere and making the most of the calm before the big day storm.

We've roamed a few markets, warmed ourselves with mulled wine, slithered about on a alfresco ice-rink and sat riveted watching 'Fantastic Beasts' and it's been lots of fun.  We've even still been enjoying dog walking, despite the dampness and colder weather, if only because it makes you appreciate the warm, dry house all the more when you return to it.

As always at this time of year I love hunkering down at home in the warm glow of the twinkly tree lights.  I like to have lots of fairy lights about the place, they are just the best thing to create that cozy, comforting feel in my humble...  That and some lovely scented candles and I feel very happy indeed.  A nice christmassy smell wafting around makes me feel warm inside as well as out I think.

In fact, there are not many things in life I'd rather do than lounge around crocheting or knitting, decked in my pj's, watching a christmas film, bathed in that cozy glow, smelling that sweet scent.

I'm planning on fitting in as much of that as I can around all the busy days coming up.
I hope you find some time to do the same!

I'll leave you with of few shots I've been collecting up this month, my attempt to capture a feel of our December....

Have a wonderful break everyone and I'll see you in 2017

: :


Merry Christmas!

S x