Peachy Geometric

At last, at last!  My final 'massively overdue' pattern is here!

If you are a regular (long suffering) reader you'll be aware that my last few pattern releases at least have been prefaced with some sort of 'at last' or 'finally it's here' type comment and a dose of embarrassed apologies.  Well, this is the last of those introductions.  I hope so at least, because this pattern I have here for you today represents the last of those Long-Ago-Made-Finally-Written-Up projects.  Thank goodness!

There may be other things Made-Long-Ago that deserve a pattern, but for now at least, I'm letting them go.  It's my new policy for 2017.  I am but one person and I can't do it all, so I'm doing what I can and I'm do my best to let go of what I can't.

So maybe the next time I work on a pattern idea, I might actually release it in the same millennia.  Wouldn't that be nice?  But, I digress...  Let's get back to the here and now and this pattern.

Peachy Geometric

Ok, so the name isn't great, granted.

It started off as a sort of working title.  I was using peach colours and the idea was to make something with structured and geometric patterning and shaping but softening those clean angular lines by using a mixture of soft and subtle yarns.  It was Peachy, it was Geometric....  Yeah, it's still lame, but it's kind of stuck so I figured I'd go with it.  (Shrug icon)

But that's what I do love about this shawl, that mix of wonderfully subtle yarn tones.  It's almost a peaches and cream combination of the natural undyed alpaca and the very subtly speckled peach.  Something that Maya from The Wool Barn does so wonderfully well with her yarn.

I've made this one in a nice asymmetrical shape and I it's one I've been wearing an awful lot.  It's quite lacy and open so it's quite light but at the same time, that gorgeous snuggly Alpaca makes sure it still keeps me snug.  I do hope you like it too.

I'm also offering a lovely little introductory discount for any of you that would like to make a purchase straight away.  So if you fancy making one at some point, now is a good time to grab your copy.


Sandra Paul

The shawl is an asymmetric triangle shape and the pattern is written in my usual clear style.  I've included helpful information for keep track of the stitch count and yardage too.

It includes a crochet chart and is also be available in both UK and US crochet terms.

To find out more details and check the price where you are, click the link below:

Peachy Geometric Pattern

As always, thank you so much for supporting my patterns and I do hope you enjoy using it and making your own shawl.
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  1. I would like to know what wool you used and in what colour, it's so pretty

    1. Sure Tanya, all the details are in my pattern link above. :)
      Here it is for you:

      S x

  2. I have purchased this pattern and have been crocheting for 30 years. The stitches aren’t the issue with me. I have never crocheted anything asymetrical and am having issues starting this project....I am self taught so have had to figure stuff out the hard way lol....Do you by chance have a helpful tutorial to follow along to begin this project? I know the set up rows are the most fiddly so if I could only get past that portion...Any assistance woyld be greatly appreciated——blessings

    1. Hi,
      I don't have a more specific tutorial, I always included any extra information within the patterns themselves. If you are having trouble with the start though I always think that working the first few rows with a thicker yarn weight is a good idea. It's much easier to see the stitches with bigger yarn and it gives you a chance to practice the first rows and get a feel for the pattern.

      S x