Stylecraft Blogstars Meet Again

I broke out of my usual solitary little blogging bubble last week to go on a jolly jaunt to Yorkshire.

Being one of the Stylecraft Blogstars, I was lucky enough to be invited back to the hub of the Stylecraft world to meet up with my fellow yarn lovers once again.  What a lovely treat it was too, to venture out of my usual surroundings and see a little of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, spend a little time knitting and crocheting with very like minded souls.  Sharing our projects while all the time there was lots of fascinating chatter about our crafts and our little online worlds.

It was an absolute pleasure.

If you're not too sure who the Stylecraft Blogstars are, let me show you...

(Photo used with thanks from Sophie at Stylecraft)

From left to right: Jane of Janie Crow, Phil of The Twisted Yarn, Sarah of Annaboo's House, Heather of The Patchwork Heart, Julia of Hand Knitted Things, Lucy of Attic 24, Helen of The Woolly Adventures of a Knitting Kitty, Emma of Emma Varnam, Me, Lucia of Lucia's Fig Tree, Kathryn of Crafternoon Treats and we were just missing Sue of Susan Pinner

And below, although you can't see them too well, are our International Blogstars, Angela of Get Knotted Yarn Craft and Zelna of Zooty Owl being made comfortable in the front row seats by Juliet and Annabelle.

 (Photo used with thanks from Helen

Goodness what a treat to get to spend some time with these ladies.

Heather's Blanket

It would be quite remiss to go all the way to visit Stylecraft HQ and not play with some yarn while you are there, so as well as having a little squish of all the tempting samples, we also tried our hands at a little tunisian crochet.  A few knew the ropes, but like me, I think most of us were new to the technique.  Here's my little offering...

Forgive the pins, but my little test pieces is curling up like nobodies business!

It was fun to try something new and I do love the very ordered look of the simple crochet stitch at the bottom.  It did seem fairly time consuming though, with a lot of work needed to achieve just a small row in comparison to regular crochet.  But, I know I have a stitch dictionary hidden away somewhere that has some tunisian crochet stitches in.  Now I know the basics, I might have a bit of a deeper delve into that section and see if anything sparks the imagination.

How about you, are there any tunisian crochet fans reading and if so, what's your favourite thing to make using this technique?

 (Photo used with thanks from Helen

Concentrating on Tunisian!

We were also got let into a few tasty tidbits of secret insider information while we were there as well as walking away with a bag of delicious goodies.  I'm almost bursting with the things I'll have to share with you very soon, so stay tuned!


S x